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Here’s The Best Of The L. Palmer Chronicles (By Topic)

Writing And Reading

Building A Community Of Characters (With The Help Of Dr. Seuss)

The Graveyard Of Extraneous Characters

Maps And Getting There And Back Again – Part 1

Maps And Getting There And Back Again – Part 2

It’s Time To Fish For Beta Readers

Like If You Remember This Facebook Meme

Editing: The Video Game – Levels 1-3

Editing: The Video Game – Levels 4-6

A Quest For Genre: Fairy Tales

A Quest For A Title

The Challenge Of Writing About Dinosaurs And Spaceships

Facing The First Draft

And There Was Nothing There – A Tale Of Horror Great Enough For Halloween

80% Is The New 50%

Book Friendly Breakfast

Writing At The Speed Of 88 Miles Per Hour – Or Less

To Read, Perchance To Write. Ay, There’s The Rub


Hello’s And High-Fives

And The High-Five Goes To…

What Keeps Me Reading (Blogs)

Nerdtastic Writing Prompts For Bloggers

General Geekdom And Nerdery

Maleficent And Other Women Of Power

Five Ways To Help Your Local Time Traveler

Five Methods For Time Traveling Without A Time Machine

Five Proven Methods For Interstellar High-Fives

The Count of Monte Koopa

Five Reasons To Ask For A Dinosaur for Christmas

Traveling Fictional Realms: Chances Of Survival

Movies And Television

The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time – Part 1

The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time – Part 2

The First Annual W.I.T. Awards

The Second Annual W.I.T. Awards

Harry Potter and the Warner Bros Franchise Opportunity

Star Trek: Into Darkness – AKA The Best Star Wars Trailer Ever

How To Build A Movie Bomb (In 10 Easy Steps)

The Best of Buffy (Happy Anniversary To Ms. Summers)

Thor 2: Longer Hair, More Awesome

Five Reasons To Watch The Legend Of Korra

Gravity: A Survival Movie In Space

The Muppetiest Movie Of Them All

You Can Fit Through Those Bars? (And Other Muppeticisms)

Fox Network, Please Treat “Almost Human” Better Than Firefly (But, Thanks For Sleepy Hollow)

Maleficent: Revenge Of The Trailer

Doctor Who

The Day of the Doctor: Questions, Answers, and Explosions

Doctor Who: The Starter Kit

Choose Your Fate: Doctor Who Edition

Star Wars

Seeking The Bright Center Of The Star Wars Expanded Universe

Star Wars Words To Live By Part 1

The Marvelization of Star Wars – Featured on Freshly Pressed

The Star Wars Episode VII Cast: Faces Without Names

On Loss And Life

My Sisterhood of Neverland: An Ode To A Lost Friend

My Sisterhood of Neverland: 45 Years Strong

A Fire In Neverland – Places Are Made By People

Of Giants Who Have Passed From This Earth

A Birthday Of Mythic Proportions

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