Five Reasons To Watch The Legend of Korra

So, I’ll confess I am late to the Legend of Korra train. I didn’t start watching until the second half of this season. My adult brother and twelve year old sister had watched it, and discussed its awesomeness. My friends told me of its awesomeness, but I had yet to partake.

Finally, I gave in. And this weekend, between bouts of lucidity while finishing NaNoWriMo, and bouts of sleeping to overcome the flu, I finished the last four episodes of Season 2.

Now, when I have the chance, I’ll have to go back and watch Season 1 on Netflix.

So, here’s 5 reasons you too need to join the Legend of Korra train. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Korra – A Strong Female Lead

Korra is allowed to be one of the rarest versions of female action heroines known to sci fi / fantasy: a real human being.

She is flawed, has a temper, but is still likeable. She is still allowed to be a female, and then turn around and punch things. She is a daughter, a friend, a student, sometimes a girlfriend, while also being the Avatar. Part of the story is her journey to understand how to balance all of those things.

Also, instead of skin-tight patent leather, she wears realistic and practical clothing. When she is in the middle of an arctic area, she wears coats and heavy clothing.

This is a real woman, a real character, and really awesome.


2. It’s the closest TV gets to a Miyazaki film

If you are not familiar with Hayao Miyazaki and the art style of his animated films, go watch Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, or My Neighbor Totoro (among others). Do this before you begin watching The Legend of Korra.

The art style of Legend of Korra is already interesting, using different styles and animation techniques to convey the emotions of the story. The backgrounds are rich and detailed, and would make great art-pieces on their own.

Also, the story line is about character more than action. The latter half of Season 2 opens up a whole ‘spirit world’, and explores not only Korra’s character but also the connection between humans and spirits. If that doesn’t sound like a Miyazaki film, I don’t know what does.

3. It’s Fun

Legend of Korra remembers it’s on Nickelodeon and is a kids show. Things can become fairly dark and bleak, and death is risked often. However, these are balanced with moments of comedy and lightness, much of it provided by Bolin.

Korra has a great group of friends, and there are other rich and fully-developed side-characters who add depth to the show, in addition to some silliness. I am always a fan of just enough silliness.

4. The world is a fantastic blend of Asian influences, steam punk, and fantasy.

5. Polar Bear Dog

That’s right. Korra’s mighty steed is a polar bear dog. He is brave, ferocious, and incredibly cuddly.

But where do I watch this awesome show?

The first season should be on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and DVD

Most of the second season is currently available for free on

And just to give a taste, here’s one of the trailers for the show:

Do you watch Legend of Korra? What’s your favorite part? What other animated children’s show should adults be watching? Do you want a polar bear dog for Christmas?

15 thoughts on “Five Reasons To Watch The Legend of Korra

  1. I do indeed watch Legend of Korra … for all the reasons listed above 🙂 Sometimes I get annoyed with Korra for being so stubborn, but then I remember how awesome it is that she is a real character with a real personality and real flaws — and not a sidekick whose sole purpose is to ask dumb questions, laugh at the hero’s jokes, look pretty, and get kidnapped all the time — and I forgive her!

    My favorite part … man, anything with Varrick in it is just hysterical. I love him, and I really hope he shows up again in Season 3. I don’t want a polar bear dog, but I do want a flying bison, which leads me to answer your other question — adults should be watching the series that inspired Legend of Korra –> Avatar: The Last Airbender. Much as I love Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender beats it in every possible way. It’s just … amazing. Gah. I need to go re-watch it now. Thanks a lot!!! 😀

    • It was all a conspiracy to get you sucked into The Last Airbender. Mwa ha ha.
      Varrick is a really fun character. I like his utter ridiculousness, and conniving brilliance all in one moment.
      As for flying bison, they are pretty awesome, and would be much handier than a polar bear dog.

  2. Glad to see there’s a children’s show with a strong and realistic (well, as realistic as these things get) female lead. Will I watch it? Maybe – because of this post! 🙂

    • There’s a lot of background cleverness going on. I love shows – particularly animated and fantasy shows – that work on multiple levels, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. My 12 year old sister watches many shows which… lack more intellectual value than I can handle (i.e. Horse Land).

  3. Love Legend of Korra! There were some great things about the 2nd season, but I actually thought the 1st season was tighter overall, and I wish they had expanded that plot out into multiple seasons.

  4. #1: Really? Strong? She’s a brat who doesn’t evolve. She even regresses at the beginning of season 2.
    #3: Eh. As opposed to Avatar the last Airbender where the comic relief was integrated and plot related a lot of the comic relief in Korra was just there to be there … Bolin was downright annoying.

    • So, I’m going to guess you’re a bigger fan of the Last Air Bender series.
      I haven’t seen the first season, so I can’t compare Korra’s character. I do think she could use a little softening. I also think the writers are trying to give her room for growth.

      • The Legend of Korra had every opportunity to become ten times better than the Last Airbender series but has uncountable plot holes. It’s very sad 😦 Originally it was supposed to just be the first season and you can really feel that when it stops. The second season can pretty much be watched on its own because Korra is actually back at where she started in book 1.

  5. You nailed it Field – this cartoon is way too accurate to be making a point because EVERYTHING in it is openly true (and some of it among McCain’s sttnhgres). I bet there are at least a few McCain supporters are somewhere high on Bud Light having misty fantasies about this very scene coming true in ’09.

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