What Keeps Me Reading (Blogs)

Every so often, I see discussions of the controversial “Like”  button here on WordPress, as well as the number of commenters versus viewers, or questions of a lack of interaction.

I decided to add to conversation and put together a quick post of my own blog reading habits. I hope you will find this helpful, and that this will open a conversation.


First, Definitions


From morguefile.com

What a “Like” means: I read your entire post, was engaged and entertained, but currently do not have something to add to the conversation.

What a “Comment” means: Not only did I read the entire post, but I also felt inspired enough to add to the conversation.  The only way to get a conversation is to start a conversation.

It can also mean you are a common commenter on my blog, and so I feel it is important to reciprocate. Comments can be a lot of fun, and lead to insightful and engaging conversations.



Second, Reading Habits


So many blogs to choose from…

Why I Visit Your Blog

1. It was featured on Freshly Pressed and looked intriguing. This is usually something related to geek culture, reading, and writing. Some titles are too good to pass up.

2. We both found the same post intriguing and commented. I’ve found this to be the best way to find great, new blogs

3. You stopped by and commented on my blog.

4. You were featured on a blog award such as the Versatile Blogger or Freudenshalipshom Award.

5. I did an Internet search for blogs related to my latest post.

6. I know you outside of the Internet.

What Keeps Me Reading

1. I know you outside of the Internet  – Ex. The Nice People Foundation (my mom’s fledgling blog), Hope For HeatherMegan Valery


2. You write about nerd or geek cultureThe Geek Anthropologist, Star Wars AnonLit and Scribbles, Absurdly Nerdly, Geek Force Network

3. Good writing adviceMJ Wright, Lit and Scribbles, Catherine, Caffeinated

4. Intellectual and educationalKate Shrewsday, Elizabeth Fais, Nate Chen Publications, A Pilgrim in Narnia, Brian Bixby’s Sillyverse, The Bookshelf of Emily J. 

5. Insightful, uplifting, and encouraging – Gina Left the Mall, Rarasaur

6. You and your blog  are engaging and fun – (this includes blogs listed above. The following are prime examples) –  Hey Look A Writer Fellow, Jack Flacco, Vinny Lanni

Why I Follow A Blog

1. The 3 Post Rule – If I come across a blog, and enjoy reading 3 whole posts, then I follow.

2. The blogger is a frequent visitor – I have followed a few blogs that did not initially grab my attention, but the person happened to like and comment on my blogs so often that I went back to check out their blog again.

Road Blocks To Reading

1. Negativity, Rants, Swear words and R-Rated Content – I might miss out on some excellent and articulate blogs or posts. However, I prefer things I read to be positive and be something I can show my 12 year old sister.

2. Most blogs about cats – I am allergic to cats, and am far more favorable to dogs. I look at cat pictures, and I cringe as I wait for the allergic reaction. I am sure cats are adorable, loveable pets (I find my dogs are). However, my allergies keep me from enjoying the feline species – even as a picture on the Internet.

3. I only speak and read English – Every so often, I have a commenter or new follower whose blog I check out, and then am disappointed to see a foreign language. I could use a translating engine, but I don’t trust those entirely.  Subtext often gets lost in translation.

What are your reading habits? Why do you decide to comment? Why do you decide to follow? Are you excited about the approaching the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Spectacular?

SIDE NOTE 1: Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post, It’s Time To Fish For Beta Readers. I have updated it so your answers are easy to sort through. I hope it helps others who are working on the Beta Reading Process.

SIDE NOTE 2: My time is filling with other things at the moment as I work on applying to Grad School, begin the Beta Reader process for two manuscripts, put together a commissioned project (more on that later), figure out my next personal writing project, face the onslaught of the beginning weeks of the school year (I work at a university), keep up with exciting projects like laundry, dishes and dinner, as well as tap dance in place while balancing a bucket on my head and juggling two balls and a chain saw.

Things should re-balance soon, and this I will continue posting on this blog at least once a week. I just may not be able to go out and visit other people’s blogs as often as I would like.

28 thoughts on “What Keeps Me Reading (Blogs)

  1. I wish I had more time to check out more bloggers too, but I’ve been too busy of late. I can barely keep up maintaining my own blog. I hope to be more dedicated in reading other people’s blogs and commenting and liking them as soon as I can squeeze the time in. I admire your dedication and hard work. And thanks for sharing…

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  3. Thank you for the shout out! I too am looking forward to checking out the other blogs on this list. I think you have a wonderful system for determining what to keep reading. I don’t have an official 3-post rule but I do read more than one post and I check out the “about” page. I’m glad I found your blog 🙂 And my roadblocks are similar to yours except I’d swap out cats for seafood (my allergy.) I look at the images and all I see are nautically themed servings of emergency room visit.

  4. Thanks so much for the honorable mention. I appreciate it entirely! It’s also great seeing how you think. When I like and comment, I don’t really follow any pattern other than recently reciprocating comments from my site. If I find I like what I read, I’ll Like it. I’ll typically comment on other blogs if I have something to add. If it’s been said, I won’t repeat it! Great post!

  5. Thanks for that tag! I too only like posts that I’ve read through and comment when I feel like I have something to add to the conversation. I find a lot of meaningful interactions through my blog.

  6. Lol, I do not read cat blogs either. I do not see the appeal and I’m not even allergic!

    Thanks for the pingback.

    Also, my head is finally above the water of huge amounts of work I’ve had, but I’ve saved your post on JK Rowling/HP/WB that I’m going to check out. That was huge news for me and I’m interested in what you have to say.

  7. I am honored to get a shoutout (The feeling is mutual.). I am also impressed with the methodical way you do the blogging “like” and “follow” thing. It makes perfect sense. It’s kinda brilliant, really.

    And, best of all, I am delighted to peruse a few of the links you provided — because you have good taste.

  8. I usually take a look at people who have commented on my blog. If they catch my attention, I follow them. I try not to follow too many people, because the blogs can take all my time, but if I’m feeling iffy, I’m more likely to reduce how often posts are e-mailed to me rather than un-follow.

    I usually “like” posts I’ve enjoyed, because I know it’s lonely to blog and have no response, but I try not to comment unless I have something to say besides “me too!”

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