The Pirate and the Mermaid’s Tailor Trilogy

Book 1: The Mermaid’s Apprentice

Mabel Sinclair never planned to become a pirate.

All she wanted was to escape her dull life as a debutante and conquer the world of fashion. One fateful night at a ballroom ends when Mabel’s foolish brother is kidnapped and transformed into a toad. To save him, Mabel makes a bargain with a mermaid and travels with her to an unexpected realm of magic. Once there, Mabel must choose between being imprisoned by cruel merfolk or joining pirates.

Antonio Cortez never planned to fall in love with a pirate.

A sailor who dreams of returning to his quiet life as a tailor, Antonio’s plans are knocked off course by a chance meeting with the dashing pirate Mabel Sinclair. Antonio bonds with Mabel over their love of fashion, only to become a target for Mabel’s growing list of enemies.

Fighting for their lives and their future, Mabel and Antonio find they have only one ally to turn to: the treacherous mermaid who Mabel bargained with in the first place.

The Mermaid’s Apprentice is part of The Pippington Tales series and the first book of The Pirate and the Mermaid’s Tailor trilogy, an epic tale of pirates, mermaids, and adventures in high fashion.

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Book 2: The Tailor’s Escape – Coming 2023

Follow Mabel and Antonio’s continued adventures, including battles with merfolk, deals with former pirates, and finding their place together in a world of magic and danger.

Book 3: The Pirate’s Daughter – Coming 2024

Mabel and Antonio approach the final battle with their enemies.

Bonus Book: The Tale of Isabella Astrellar – Pending

Years before Mabel joined pirates, Isabella Astrellar was stolen by her parents and forced to become a mermaid. Here lies her story of merfolk, romance, and revenge.

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