A Birthday Of Mythic Proportions

a84420c60a671c7d422d86577fc43e23“Come aboard, lass,” the engineer said. “There’s a might of things waiting for ya.”

She looked back, the trail of life behind her, a long wake of adventure, excitement, sorrow, joy, tears, laughter, and all the wonders of a lifetime. Ahead was the train, and the long, winding track without a knowable end.

“It’s not all as lovely as I’d like, but I promise it’ll be a good ride,” he said, his oiled hands beckoning her to venture up the steps. “Just come along, up and over this hill, and you’ll see. You’ll see, and it’ll be a grand ol’ time.”

With the spirit of adventure returning to her veins, pulsing in her breast, she walked up the steps and began her journey on The Birthday Train.

Today Is My 30th Birthday!!!!!

According to the customs of society, today is a day of grand celebration and a time of contemplation of my overall life. In considering what to do for this momentous birthday, I reflected on things I’ve done for my birthday during my 20’s, including:

  • Watch all the lightsaber battles in Star Wars back-to-back in chronological order. (If you haven’t done this, do it. It’s epic).
  • Play with glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs while watching all the lightsaber battles in Star Wars.
  • Hang out with the stuffed dinosaur my sister made me.
  • Me on one of my birthdays

    Yes, I do go through this much chocolate syrup. I drink a lot of chocolate milk.

  • Go to dinner, spend time with friends and family, and partake of general silliness.

I discussed with various people what to do for my birthday. One of my co-workers said that for his 30th birthday he borrowed a dog and took a contemplative walk on the beach, reflecting on his life and where he would like to be.

Given that I am now at the ‘mature’ and ‘responsible’ age of 30, I see the merit in such reflection.

Also, I have many dogs with whom to take on such a reflection-walk.

3 dogs all packaged for a nap

3 of the four dogs who hang out at my house, taking a reflective nap.

As I reflect, I remember it is important to be true to oneself. So, I have decided instead to make a 30th Birthday Movie Trailer. I believe this trailer demonstrates my growing capability to be an adult, always take myself seriously, and balance all the hats/helmets I wear.

What do you do for your birthday? What has been your favorite birthday tradition? What has been your favorite present? Would you play with glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs on your birthday?

Side Note: The trailer is based on this one from the 1930’s.

14 thoughts on “A Birthday Of Mythic Proportions

  1. Yay I was looking forward to this post! You definitely lived up to my expectations with a TRAILER. Awesome!
    Happy birthday! I hope it’s fabulous and the train doesn’t break down or anything. You should get a Star Wars cake. I did that for my 25th. It was tasty.

  2. Happy birthday! I can claim nothing so ambitious as a trailer on mine, so kudos to you!

    The one birthday that keeps coming back to me is my 21st. I was in college. I invited people I knew through three different social relationships (high school friends, dorm friends, academic department classmates). Naturally, it was a disaster, as they didn’t get along with each other. Perhaps the high (low?) point was when one of the attendees, seeing the coffee cake I was serving, said that someday I would make someone an excellent Jewish grandmother.

    • It’s always interesting when multiple communities you belong to mix in front of you. I’ve never had it be quite as awkward as this event seems.

      Also, if you become a Jewish grandmother, I’ll be very impressed.

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