Exploring Pippington

A Brief Tour of The World of The Pippington Tales

Castle Street in Sligo Town | Flickr - Photo Sharing!:

Pippington lies in the country of Barthan, along the southern edge of Chalice Lake, with Barthan’s capital Willington on the northern bank. The city is a bustling mix of classes, the upper class residing in North Town, along the bluffs overlooking the lake.

Magic exists in the city of Pippington. Most are either ignorant or too polite to speak of it. There are no official laws regarding the use of magic, but there is a special police unit led by Inspector Gertrude McCay which monitors any dangerous use of magic within city limits.

Overall, Pippington is an excellent city to visit. If you are looking for a touch of the architecture of Willington without all the hustle and bustle of the capital, come to Pippington. We recommend coming for a gala at The Morveaux, a fine sporting day at the dragon races, a jaunty good time at McBriar’s, and make sure you acquire the unique and excellent shoes available from Talbot’s Boots and Other Footwear.

Below is a tour of some parts of this fine city, followed by a glance of some of the places beyond Pippington.

North Town

Car and horse:

Credit: The Library of Congress

Woman playing piano:

Credit: New York Public Library (I always wear my finest and longest dress while performing at the piano)

If one wishes to rub shoulders with the upper class, we recommend not doing so for many find such close contact offensive. Instead, you may participate in one of the various garden tours at the mansions lining North Lane and reading The Rosetown Journal. Petunia Ophombauch, the society writer of the Rosetown Journal, can often be seen visiting the high-end shops and can be easily spotted due to her large hat and love of enormous feathers.

The Morveaux


Credit: National Library of Ireland


Credit: Internet Archive Book


Credit: Musée McCord Museum

For a breathtaking evening, visit The Morveaux. Established thirty years ago, The Morveaux combines the wonders of the theater with the glamor of the ballroom. The famed Madame Plesatti choreographs exclusively with the ballet at the Morveaux. Tickets are rare and expensive, and few but the highest of society are able to experience the grandness of this establishment more than once in their lifetime.



Credit: LSE Library

If you are in the mood for a more casual establishment, try an evening at McBriar’s. This pub and dance hall has long been the center of youthful frivolity. Young men enjoy the crowd, the free-flowing drinks, and the live band. Young women enjoy the dancing and handsome young men until said men have imbibed a bit too much and lose themselves in a tussle. If you can dodge a few punches and thrown chairs, McBriar’s can be an exciting time.

Talbot’s Boots and Other Footwear

Diaphalene for dainty lingerie | by National Library of Ireland on The Commons:

Credit: National Library of Ireland

Talbot’s Boots and Other Footwear has a growing reputation. The shoes are a miracle of comfort and style, and no trip to Pippington is complete without a visit to this remarkable shop on Dabbler Street.

Beyond Pippington

Surris Mountains


Credit: Provincial Archives of Alberta

Image from page 284 of "Rod and gun" (1898) | by Internet Archive Book Images:

Credit: Internet Archive Book


Credit: The U.S. National Archives, Ansel Adams

In the western, untamed frontier of Barthan, you will find the majestic Surris Mountains. Magic is rumored to be practiced freely and openly, but this remains unproven. The Surris Rangers ride horses and dragons throughout the mountain range, protecting the land and watching for danger to spread from the mountain to the more civilized regions of Barthan.

There are a few towns in the foothills you can visit by train. To see the real lives of those in the Surris Mountains requires riding for several days on horseback along narrow trails leading deeper in the redwood and pine forests.

We do caution you to stay away from the Culparr Mines. There are rumors of a secret prison there for the most foul of criminals. We have sought more information from the Surris Rangers, but they have not returned our inquiries.



Sail boat:

Credit: Australian National Maritime Museum


Credit: Swedish National Heritage


Credit: Swedish National Heritage Board

Far southwest of Barthan, along a peninsula, lies the nation of Castallar. The country borders the ocean and is the leading port for the continent. There are many islands along its coast, but some are rumored to be controlled by dangerous creatures who will not let a man escape if he sets foot on the land.

If you stay on the mainland, enjoy the warm weather, bright colors, and adobe architecture. It is a boisterous culture full of charm and worthy of a relaxing trip.


Bedouins in desert:

Credit: Nationaal Archief


Credit: The British Library

Far to the east of Barthan and across the ocean lies the expansive Empire of Sandar. Stretching across nearly an entire continent, sweeping over lush jungles and vast deserts, Sandar is a world within itself, keeping separate from the matters across the ocean. The empire is rich with magic and color, and made of smaller kingdoms all serving the Emperor’s seat.


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