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LTUE 2023: I’ll be on a number of panels at this year’s LTUE conference in Provo, UT Thursday, February 16 to 18. See:

For a PDF of my presentation on research (How to Become An Expert in 30 Days or Less) , click here.

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Prior Events:

LTUE 2022: I’ll be on several panels at this year’s LTUE conference in Provo, UT Thursday, February 17 to 20. See:

For a PDF of my presentation on Blurbs, click here.

For a PDF blurb worksheet, click here.

NASA Holiday Bazaar, Houston, TX

Celebrity Fan Fest, San Antonio, TX

Comicpalooza, Houston, Tx

LTUE 2019 – See my schedule here:

LDSBR Second Annual Writing Conference

For the whole writing conference, visit:

Here’s my presentation on How To Build A Better Book Trailer:

Here’s a PDF of the PowerPoint I used as an outline.

LTUE 2017

LTUE - Life, the Universe, and Everything

For the second time, I will be a panelist and presenter at the 2017 The Life The Universe and Everything writing conference in Provo, UT on February 16th to 18th. Here’s my schedule:

Pulp Fiction Power (Thursday, February 16, 8-9 PM)

A panel on Pulp fiction writing and it’s powerful impact on current trends in books and movies with fellow authors David Boop, James Minz, Alexander Sousa, and Johnny Worthen

A Review of Motion Capture Technology (Saturday, February 18 10-11 AM)

Presentation on motion capture technology, including the history, how it’s done on set, and how it’s transformed into the films we love.

Here’s the PowerPoint

Here’s the power point with notes and attributions

Book Signing June 2016 – Barnes and Nobles – Ventura, CA

L. Palmer True Bride and the Shoemaker signing:

Participated in a book signing with three other great authors – Robin LaFevers, Sarah Lynn Scheerger, and Rachel Marks. It was a really fun event. I got to see old friends and meet new ones (and sell a few books along the way). For more, click here.

LTUE 2016

I will be a panelist for a few panels at the Life The Universe and Everything writing conference in Provo, UT on February 11th to 14th. This is my first writing conference to present for, and I am suuuuuuper excited. If anyone has any suggestions or advice, let me know. Here’s my schedule:

Alphabet Soup: What’s the differnce between an ‘R’ & ‘TV-MA’? (Thursday, February 11, 11-12)

Join us as we demystify rating. We’ll talk about where they come from, what they mean and what they can and cannot tell you as a viewer.

Literary Merit of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Thursday, February 11, 1-2)

Enter the recent debate among writers like Atwood, Le Guin, and Ishiguro on the literary merit of the Science Fiction and Fantasy writer’s world.

I, Robot & the Karate Kid: What’s in a Title? (Thursday, February 11, 4-5)


Why buy the rights to a famous novel and not use half the book? Why use a title that literally has NOTHING to do with the movie just because it’s an adaptation? Why does Marketing get to have such a big impact on TMA? Wouldn’t the art be better if we could get rid of Marketing?

Oxford Style Debate: Is Rey A Skywalker? (Friday, February 12, 4-5)

It’s a head-to-head battle and I am debating whether or not Rey is a Skywalker? This is going to be epic.

20 Years of Pixar: The Past and Future of Digital Animation (Friday, February 12, 5-6)

pixar logo

Pixar is the dominant animation studio in the world today. What are the strengths and weakness of digital animation? Why has digital animation largely supplanted traditional animation? Will it ever kill traditional animation?

TV vs Novel. Good Better Best. (Saturday, February 13, 3-4)

Read the book before the movie, or watch the movie, then read the book? Which camp do you fit in? Who did it better and why?

Also, if you’re coming and would like to meet up, let me know.

Book Signing: Pioneer Books, July 2015


All Believers of Fairy Tales and Magic Are Invited to a Book Signing Soiree

Saturday, June 27, 2015

11 AM – 1 PM

Pioneer Bookstore

450 W Center St

Provo, UT 84601

Come join local, independent author L. Palmer for a morning of elegant music, fine hats, and stylish crafts to celebrate the first novel in The Pippington Tales series: The True Bride and The Shoemaker.

The True Bride and the Shoemaker follows the tale of Peter Talbot, a shoemaker struggling to keep his shop open as factories churn out cheap shoes. With the gift of griffin hide, he embarks on an unexpected adventure which introduces him to the hidden magic within Pippington.

Here, magic is possible, but hardly sensible, and is really better left ignored. However, magic is difficult to ignore when pumpkins start turning into carriages, young men are transformed into frogs, and completed shoes start appearing on the shop counter after only being imagined the night before.

Bring your friends and family to explore a small piece of Pippington, a town somewhere between Downton Abbey and Storybrooke of Once Upon A Time.

About the Author:

In between exploring the hidden lives and magic of Pippington, L. Palmer lives among the mountains of Utah and attends graduate school at Brigham Young University. She developed her imagination and adventure skills growing up in Girl Scouts, working for ten years at resident summer camps, teaching high school English, attending and working at the University of California Santa Barbara, and reading great books of fantasy and magic.

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