The First Annual W.I.T. Awards – (Film Category)

Welcome to the First Annual Watched In Theater Awards (WIT)!

As Hollywood races from The Golden Globes to The Oscars, I’ve decided to create my own awards for the movies I’ve actually seen in the theater.  While there are many high-quality films nominated for awards, and have one awards, I have seen a relative few.  This is mostly due to my lack of spare time.  While I enjoy films that push envelopes and pose deep questions about humanity and the human existence, I’d rather spend the few spare hours I have disappearing into a fun, escapist void.  At the same time, the film has to appear via trailers and reviews to tell a good story, portray strong characters, and have enough substance to make me think.

The Judging Criteria:

  1. I’ve actually seen the film in a movie theater

  2. Following the theory of a good friend of mine, “Would I buy it  for my home collection?”  To add to this, would I buy it, and then watch it enough times to memorize most of the film, or rewind to watch a certain scene over, and over again?

DISCLAIMER If we were to change the theory to another friends, which is: “Did it make me think when I left,?” or another, “Did it ignite my imagination?” this would be a very different list.

First Round: Movies I’ve seen in 2012 (In no particular order)


She can sew and shoot arrows from the back of a horse!

Mirror, Mirror

The Hunger Games

As upbeat as the book!

The Dark Knight Rises

One of these three is going to win an Oscar this year, but not for this movie.

Wreck It Ralph

John C. Reilly’s Mr. Cellophane number was cut from the final film.

Les Miserables

I give this movie 5 Kleenex.

The Avengers

Iron Man wants to give you a high-five.


Yes, Mr. Bond.

Snow White and the Huntsman *DISCLAIMER* – Though I saw it during 2012, it doesn’t qualify because I saw it on DVD instead of in the theater.

Thor is cooler with a hammer.

Second Round:  And the Nominees Are… (In other words, movies I would think about buying)

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman!  (I do have a soft spot for Batman.)  As the conclusion of a great Batman trilogy, this film mostly lives up to the potential of the previous two films.  While The Dark Knight is a better overall film, I left The Dark Knight Rises feeling much lighter, and having enjoyed it more.  There is a sense of fun in the movie, even though it continues the saga of Dark Batman.   Christian Bale, Michael Cane, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman all continue their excellent run as their characters.  Anne Hathaway’s take on Selena Kyle is spot on, charming, and awesome.  Any movie that features a good adaptation of Catwoman (even without the name), is worth a mention.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues his run as MVP in any movie he’s in.  Tom Hardy is intimidating and cool as Bane, capturing his aloof madness.  Marion Cotliard’s role could be better, but she plays her part well.  It’s not a perfect movie, and it has it’s flaws.  However, it’s the only movie I’ve seen twice this year, and I enjoyed it both times.

Les Miserables

Deep beneath my layers of sci-fi and fantasy nerdom is a theater/musical nerd.  Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo during in tumultuous 19th century France, is one of the greatest stories ever told.  Having read the over 1,000 page novel (only once) and listened to the 10th anniversary concert far too many times, I enjoyed watching an adaptation that both remains true to the source material, while bringing a fresh perspective.  It packs the whole novel and musical into 3 hours that go by quickly.  While not a perfect film, it is well done, and enjoyable despite the mound of tissues I used during the theater.  Although Russel Crowe and Amanda Seyfried are weak on the musicality front, they are well-matched to their characters.  Many critics question the traditional epicness of this period piece, but I say there is nothing wrong with a traditionally epic period piece, especially one done this well.

The Avengers

Joss Whedon accomplished the impossible.  He made a film epic enough, powerful enough, but with enough grounding to match the mightiness of the super-heroes fighting each other and together to save our world.  Although, we should know better than to question the man who created a vampire-slaying cheerleader, and built a television show around her that  successfully mixed the silly with the serious.  I’m a much bigger Batman fan than Marvels/Avengers Fan, and the only movie leading up to this that I really enjoyed was Thor.  However, this film had me invested in these characters I know little about.  Did I mention it was really fun, too?  That’s an accomplish many Big Action Movies tend to forget.

Mirror, Mirror

Speaking of fun…  Why do I list the non-Kristen Stewart adaptation of Snow White from last year?  Where Snow White and the Huntsman is serious and dark, Mirror Mirror is silly and light.  Yes, much of the acting is over-done, and hammy, but it’s on purpose in this candy-colored, exquisitely costumed world.  Julia Roberts purposefully overacts as the evil queen, while adding moments of gravitas that ground the movie.  Nathan Lane fulfills his perpetual role of silly side-kick, as he’s done many times since voicing Timon in The Lion King.  Lily Collins is sweet, innocent, and believable as a fairy-tale princess, and has chemistry with Armie Hammer.  He is handsome, charming, while also fully committed to his role, even when under a spell that makes him act like a puppy.  The seven dwarves are treated as individuals, and are a fun group.  It closes with a musical number that is utterly ridiculous in the best way possible.  Also (SPOILER ALERT), there’s a random cameo by Sean Bean.  Anything is elevated once Sean Bean shows up.


Even without Adele’s theme song, this is a great movie.  It combines the over-the-top spy world of older Bond films with the gritty realism of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.  Action packed, with grounding in Bond’s character arc and a bromance with M.  Daniel Craig is a stellar Bond, and Judi Dench the best of Bond Girls.  Javier Bardem is a mad, yet understandable villain.  He captures just enough madness to be a Bond villain, combined with a frightening unpredictability, and wry humor.  The only thing I’d change is the animated opening credits sequence.  In a film this slick and cool, the sequence better fits a video game, like this.

And the Winner Is

Mirror, Mirror

Mostly for this costume

And this costume…

And pretty much all of the costumes…

While I love a good action movie full of explosions, tense plotting, and interesting characters, I’d rather have the light sorbet feeling I get from Mirror, Mirror.   This movie falls under what I like to call “The Princess Bride” genre, and that’s a rare movie to find.  These films Both Mirror, Mirror and The Princess Bride accomplish a perfect blend of humor, swashbuckling, and romance that is intelligent enough for adults and not too scary for older children.  The Princess Bride is a better film (although, I may be prejudiced having grown up watching it.  It’s a perfect sick day movie), but Mirror, Mirror is worth watching enough times with your eleven year old younger sister to memorize (I’m not there yet).

How about you?  What movie from 2012 do you plan on buying and watching approximately 10,000 times?  How do you decide what is a good movie?What movie(s) should I see from 2012 that aren’t on my list?

SIDE NOTE: I know a glaring omission on this list is The Hobbit.  While I fully intended to see it soon after Christmas, I haven’t had time.  At this point, I might wait until it gets into a 2nd run theater in town, and pay $3 instead of $10 for a 3.5 hour journey through Middle-Earth.

17 thoughts on “The First Annual W.I.T. Awards – (Film Category)

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    Have you followed the L. Palmer Chronicles yet? It’s going to be a spectacular journey, and it’s a lot less fun without you.
    Today’s flavor: Movies of 2012 I actually saw in the theater.

  2. What a fun post! I’m a great fan of ‘The Princess Bride’ so, though I haven’t seen ‘Mirror, Mirror’, your comparison with the earlier film is a great recommendation. (Must read the book again.) Had planned to see ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ because some of the scenes are filmed on a beach not that far from where we live, but it didn’t get great reviews so I’ll wait till it gets its TV premiere. Seen many of your other films, but fancy many of the others you list. Thanks!

    • There’s a reason I waited to watch Snow White and the Huntsman on DVD. The film is better than I thought it was going to be – but I had very low expectations. Parts of it are actually pretty good. Then about half-way through there’s a series of non sequitur scenes in which the director and writers seemed to remember they were making a movie about Snow White. The dwarves and poisoned apple are just kind of tossed in. Also, the director seems to think a woman going from quiet to SUDDENLY SHOUTING is intimidating and powerful. If pushed in a specific direction, it could have been a good movie.

      And thanks again for stopping by.

    • That is certainly a strong runner-up, and something I’ll be buying on DVD. However, I don’t think I could handle watching it over and over and over again. It would cost too much to keep buying Kleenex.

  3. I haven’t seen Mirror, Mirror either, though I’ve loved The Princess Bride for many years and can quote many of the lines by heart. Les Miserable was amazing, and I hummed the songs over and over again for days after I saw the film. The Hobbit was as enjoyable as any one of The Lord of the Rings films. It’s hard to make a choice of which movie I enjoyed the most this year. I just plain love going to the movies. I think it’s because my honey buys me popcorn.

    • Popcorn’s always a good incentive to go to the movies. My siblings and I went to see Les Miserable and spent the next few days adapting our conversation to the songs. As I mentioned, I’m still trying to fit the Hobbit into my tight schedule.

  4. Loved Mirror, Mirror. Julia was hilarious. Love when she says “She’s eighteen. Of course she has good skin!” Haha. And the dwarves being treated as actual characters rather than comical clowns was a nice touch. I think it made more sense to rob people than it did to mine diamonds. I mean, what were the ones in the Disney movie DOING with all that wealth? They still lived in a freaking cabin all together. Weird.

    Just saw Brave finally last night. It’s a favorite with my daughters and I loved it too. I think it didn’t do as well in the box office because she didn’t end up with a Disney prince oh noooo! Besides the plucky heroine, I also liked the relationship shown between the parents. Usually they are cardboard cutouts if they haven’t been killed off yet. Good choices. I agree – what about an awards show with movies that have actual been shown? Novel idea.

    • The Disney dwarves were digging because it was so much fun, so they didn’t care about the diamonds. I rarely wake up and go, “Whoo! Digging!” I don’t really dig it… oh, puns… Glad you enjoyed Brave. I still think it missed some opportunities, but it was a good movie.

  5. I was depressed that Mirror, Mirror got panned as much as it did.

    Sure, it was cheesy, but all in good fun. I am a big fan of the director (Tarsem Singh), so I came into it knowing it was more of a spectacle (such as with the costumes, which were amazing) than a deep and super well acted movie. If you haven’t seen his other movie The Fall, I really, really, really suggest it. It is absolutely beautiful.

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