PSA: The Great Internet Reboot (Plus March 2014 Monthly Snapshot)


This post is a series of posts written for my sister Natalie and my brother Michael, who are currently on multi-month missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), and for anyone else away from regular news sources. This is a quick snap-shot of current events and culture to give them an idea of all the excitement that has gone on while they are out and about.

If there are any events I’ve missed or should add, please make a note in the comments. Your help is greatly appreciated


Malaysia Flight 370 disappears over the ocean without a trace. While many theories and speculation have been made, there are no clear answers yet. The search continues.

Russia seeks to take over Crimea, a Ukrainian province, while Ukraine remains in political upheaval following the ouster of the president. Crimea voted to annex itself from Ukraine with a 96% vote, which many other nations doubt is legitimate. The European Union and the US are not pleased and place sanctions on Russia and several of its prominent citizens.

Senator Diane Feinstein takes the CIA to task for snooping in Senate computers while Senate staff are compiling a report on the use of torture within the CIA.


Top 7 Movies for March

  1. Noah
  2. Divergent
  3. Muppets Most Wanted
  4. Mr. Peabody & Sherman
  5. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  6. 300: Rise Of An Empire
  7. Non-Stop (Another Liam Neeson Action Movie)

Movie Natalie will check out when she gets back: Muppets Most Wanted


Top Ten Singles

  1. Happy by Pharrell (Last month #1)
  2. All of Me by John Legend (Last month #4)
  3. Dark Horse by Katy Perry (Last month #2)
  4. Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo featuring 2 Chainz (Last month #3)
  5. Let It Go by Idina Menzel
  6. Drunk In Love by Beyonce featuring Jay Z (Last month #5)
  7. Pompeii by Bastille (Last month #6)
  8. Team by Lorde (Last month #7)
  9. Counting Stars by One Republic (Same)
  10. The Man by Aloe Blacc (New)

Is anyone else entertained that two of the top ten songs are from children’s animated movies?

And for fun, here’s Vocal Point and Pentatonix’s versions of Happy by Pharrell:


Top 10 Television Shows

1 VOICE-03/17/2014 NBC 4.1 5170
2 VOICE-TUE-03/18/2014 NBC 3.6 4568
3 SCANDAL-03/20/2014 ABC 2.9 3715
4 How I Met Your Mother-03/17/2014 CBS 2.9 3744
5 BLACKLIST-03/17/2014 NBC 2.7 3416
6 Dancing with the Stars-03/17/2014 P ABC 2.6 3250
7 RESURRECTION-03/23/2014 ABC 2.5 3231
8 SURVIVOR-03/19/2014 CBS 2.5 3166
9 NCIS-03/18/2014 CBS 2.4 3102
10 GREY’S ANATOMY-03/20/2014 ABC 2.4 3087

And Other Important News: Our brother Michael left on his mission to Oklahoma.


And just for fun, here’s Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan frolicking around New York.

In other exciting news, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”, the Harry Potter follow-up, will be a trilogy. Warner Bros must be very excited for their bank accounts.

15 thoughts on “PSA: The Great Internet Reboot (Plus March 2014 Monthly Snapshot)

  1. Lol. “Warner Brothers must be very happy for their bank accounts”. Great last line to the blog.

    Only movie seen for this month was Grand Budapest. Pretty good, but not Anderson’s best.
    Grey’s Anatomy is still on? People still watch it?
    I can’t believe Let it Go is #5! How does that happen? Most downloaded? I’ve never heard it on the radio. What is the other song from an animated movie?

      • I’m not sure I want to find a tie-in to cat-and-armadillo videos!

        More generally, I’ve thought about it. Over the last decade, a lot of writers in the sff field have started listing music to play while reading their works. On occasion, I’ve made allusions to songs or videos in my writing, but generally kept it low-key so as not to run afoul of copyright.

  2. It’s too bad the one-selfie-per-week rule isn’t true. I think it would make the world a better place.

    The traditionally selfieless could also set up a kind of “cap and trade” arrangement, selling the rights to his or her selfie to the monied and/or self absorbed.

  3. I think this is awesome–I mean, yes, let’s reboot and rethink this Internet thing completely. It’s spring and I need to get some fresh air. And my real cat needs some cuddles. 🙂
    (Hilarious post!)

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