I Am The Affleck That Comes In The Night

While the tagline this blog title is based on comes from the late 90’s cartoon Darkwing Duck, I think it is an apt description of  how the next face to fill the Caped Crusader’s mask was announced.  Unless you live in a tech-free bat cave, you probably already know that face belongs too…

It’s me?

In the month since Zach Snyder’s monumental announcement of Batman appearing in the next Superman movie approximately every actor known to mankind has been fielded as the next iteration of Batman.  The rumor mills of the Internet have churned and spat out Orlando Bloom (Please.  Never do this to Batman), Richard Armitage, Jude Law, Josh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Jim Cavaziel, and more.  I read one article suggesting Idris Elba or another non-white actor, which could be a fun change.  I am a bit surprised no one suggested Batman regenerate into Helen Mirren.

And then, as if from nowhere, the man who played Daredevil was handed the near-impossible and almost-thankless task of following Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan’s spectacular portrayal of The Dark Knight.

Now Daredevil and Batman will have the same cinematic, manly chin.

Perhaps Affleck was jealous of his close friend Matt Damon’s success as super-spy Jason Bourne.

I may have failed at playing Jack Ryan, but now I’m going to be better than a spy. I’m going to be Batman!

A decade ago, in the torrid wake of Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Daredevil, this announcement would be as unbelievable as George Clooney being asked to play the Bat Detective…


This suit provided by the Ab Abinator 2000!
(Thank you Homestarrunner.com)

Despite an Oscar for co-writing Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck’s cash-grabbing, poor career choices left him hanging with nowhere to go.

However, much like other fallen actors before him, he sought redemption in Indie movies, re-proved his talent and skill, and wove his way back into the good graces of Hollywood.  The three movies that have led to this moment are Hollywoodland, The Town, and Argo.  Hollywoodland (ironically, Ben Affleck plays George Reeves, who played Superman) reminded the world he could act.  The Town reminded the world of his behind-the-scenes talent as a writer, and introduced him as a great director.  Last year, his smart choices and good quality films led him to winning the best-picture Oscar for Argo, which he starred and directed in.

“You just won the Oscar for Best Picture! What are you going to do now?”
“I’m going to play Batman!”

In other words, the 2013 model of Ben Affleck is a better, more streamlined choice than the 2003 model of Ben Affleck.  All the dents have been pounded out, and he is ready for the future.

According to an article from IGN.com from before the announcement,  Affleck was approached to direct the Justice League movie, but declined.  There are also rumors he has been asked to assist with the script for both Man of Steel 2 and future projects.  Given the quality of Argo, The Town, and Good Will Hunting, this rumor could be a good thing.

But, what can Affleck bring to the role of Batman?

I am not sure about how ‘tough’ he can be, but I can believe him as an older, wiser, and more world-weary version of Batman.  Christian Bale has a more dark and brooding presence, while Ben Affleck can bring a different tone.  I would like to see his portrayal be similar to that of Batman: The Animated series.  The Batman of that series is more of “the Bat Detective” than a rough-and-tumble Batman.  Action is still important, but so is Batman’s cleverness, as well as his sense of humor.  Batman uses trickery almost as much, if not more than his gadgets and punching.

Batman is so cool, he can make lightning strike.



Batman is so cool, he can make lightning strike.

Affleck can carry a lighter, more fun Batman, a Batman who can take a joke, who can be clever.  It’s a fine line between being a bit lighter and being campy, and it should not be quite as light as Robert Downey Jr.’s take on Ironman.  Affleck is a venerable member of the 5 Time Host Club of Saturday Night Life, and has demonstrated his ability to do comedy.  While Bale’a career began in the Newsies, I doubt adult Bale would do lighter fare.  Especially in considering how serious Superman is so far, someone come in and bring levity may be good.

There are many factors which could make this disaster, however it also has the potential to at least be good.  As mentioned before, taking up the cowl and cape after Christian Bale’s turn is going to be a challenge for anyone.  Affleck has already done the impossible: Starred in one of the worst movies ever made (Gigli) and gone on to win an Oscar.  Here is his chance to do it again.

Also, Batman can do the impossible too:

What do you think of Warner Bros’ choice of Ben Affleck to play Batman?  Who would you pick instead?  Peter Capaldi?  Helen Mirren?  What story would you tell for a Superman/Batman movie (Superman being the primary character)?  Do you wish you could breath in space like Batman?

Other Thoughts On Batman

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12 thoughts on “I Am The Affleck That Comes In The Night

  1. I’m excited! I think it’s going to be great actually and I have faith in him. But, then again, I’m not a huge Batman fan and it doesn’t take much for me to enjoy a superhero movie…

    • I am a moderate Batman fan, and I think he could be pretty good. However, I am more excited about another movie slated for 2015 which has the title Episode VII.

  2. I never would’ve thought of Ben Affleck. But, after the avalanche of anti-Ben sentiment, I’m kinda rooting for him to do something fantastic with the role and prove them all wrong. That would benefit the franchise, the diehard fans, and have the bonus of seeing someone rise to the (Christian Bale) challenge.

  3. This announcement came from left field for sure. I would have loved seeing Josh Brolin as Batman. He would have been perfect for the role. But, Ben Affleck? He’s an amazing director. How’s that for my take on things? 🙂

  4. I think it’s more that Affleck taking the role smacks of ingenuine motives. He showed outright disdain on ever playing a superhero role after Daredevil, and there’s no way Disney’s going to let him into the Marvel franchises because they’re not going to want that stink to follow him there. He’s also sneered at ever being in an action film, too — “If I’m in a movie with explosions, it means I’ve run out of money.”

    It’s not like getting a career boost isn’t on every actor’s mind when they take these roles, but there’s also an actual desire for most of them of being part of something cool and interesting … and Warners really doesn’t seem to have a clue that going forward, if they’re going to build the cohesive continuity that fans have responded to with the Marvel films, they can’t keep swapping out actors. Batman is arguably more popular than Superman now, so that role is going to be the lynchpin that the Justice League revolves around. That’s betting an awful lot on an actor who doesn’t necessarily seem like he’s there for anything but the paycheck and prestige.

    Personally, I’d have rather seen a Wonder Woman vs. Superman movie, because that would’ve been far more interesting — you can 100% bet that Kryptonite is going to depower Superman enough for Batman to take him on, where the idea of Wonder Woman being the only one powerful enough to stand against this new, roguish Superman is waaay more intriguing …

  5. The announcement of Ben Affleck’s taking the role surprised me deeply. In all fairness. the announcement of Heath Ledger taking the role of the Joker surprised me. And look at how well he did! So, Ben could surprise us all.

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