While I’ve Been Out… (Adventures In Yellowstone)

As those who follow along know, I’ve been gone the past two weeks on vacation to Yellowstone National Park.  While traversing the walkways between endless geological formations of geysers and hot springs, I have had no cell or internet service, and have been away from the outside world.

Here are a few things that have gone on while I’ve been out:

  • My blog hit 1,000 likes, and is up to about 700 WordPress followers (I believe about 75% are real people).
  • The dogs decided it would be fun to dig in the garden while everyone was out.

“Hey, no one’s here! You want to go dig?”

Which was apparently grueling work.

  • The next Doctor has been selected – and while I missed the initial world-shattering excitement, I am still intrigued and excited.

Peter Capaldi, your next Doctor.

I could write a whole post on this exciting new chapter in the long history of the show.  However, I’m going to break it down to a few key reasons I think this could be great:

1. He’s older, breaking from the youthful trend of the last 3 doctors, and opening new potential stories and trends.

2. He looks like how I envision the Magician from The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis.

It will be a lot of fun to watch what directions the show stretches to with a new Doctor.

  • My parents dropped off my sister Natalie at LAX so she could go to Mexico City, and then Panama for a mission for our church.
hermana palmer 081

Natalie is the tall one on the left. One of the other girls has named her ‘Hermana Small’.

However, while I was off on an adventure, here’s a few things I did:

  • Create a Facebook travelogue while riding in the car.

And they crossed the empty sands of the desert, and began searching for refreshment.
And in the third gas station, our adventurers found a wondrous and magical machine which dispensed a rejuvenating liquid, an elixir made of a sweet, artificial nectar, and the blizzard of a thousand winters.
And it was good.
– From The Chronicles of the Palmers: Expedition Yellowstone.

  • Lost my water bottle more times than I should admit

Here is the wild Nalgene in its natural habitat.

  • Explored the alien landscapes of Yellowstone in search of new worlds and new civilizations

Captain, I detect a wild Nalgene water bottle nearby, but I haven’t picked it up on the visual scanner yet.

  • In my explorations, I was attacked by a wild moose-human hybrid.

“Jim, the parasite… it’s turning her into a moose too.”
“Then, Bones, we must stop it before we are all moose.”

Apparently, the Moose Parasite (more commonly known as the Octomoose due to its long, dangly arms) is running rampant in Yellowstone.

Fortunately, our science officer found the cure:


While this ice cream provided at the eating establishments run by the Xanterra group is good…

This ice cream sold at the general stores and made by Wilkinson is even better…

But, this ice cream from the BYU Creamery was definitely the best.

See the lack of Octomoose?

Yes.  Ice cream is an excellent cure.

  • Spent time an awesome park employee who I know as Jabberwocky, but those at Yellowstone call Virginia

Inside one of these boxes is buffalo short ribs. In the other is death! Jabbers is always up for an adventure.
(or maybe it’s a delicious spinach artichoke dip with pita chips, and a molten chocolate cake.)

Which led us into National Treasure: Yellowstone Edition at the Old Faithful Inn.  The leader of the Bellhops guided us and a some of Jabberwocky’s fellow park employees on a top secret scavenger hunt around the building.  If I say more, I might be attacked by another Octomoose.

  • Gave a ride to a hitchhiking propane tank.

  • Hung out with some wild animals

This was actually a random petting zoo at a rest stop in Scipio, Utah.

  • Had the tent trailer’s tire go flat 50 miles from the campground, as we were heading in.

And then, the spare exploded.

We went on to West Yellowstone, went to three auto stores before finding a place that sold us a used tire that would barely work.  Then, my two youngest sisters and myself were dropped off at our campsite.  There we huddled in a shelter made from a pop-up awning, a tarp tied to the awning and folded to also create a taco-shaped bed, and read Winnie the Pooh stories.  After almost 4 hours of waiting, the Replace the Tire and Rescue the Trailer crew arrived (about midnight), we set up a tent, and then everyone crashed.

Big thanks goes to my brother Michael, my sister Julia, and her husband Joseph for persevering even as they had to drive 15 mph for about 30 miles so the spare for the spare would not explode too.  Oh, and for surviving even after the trailer attempted to fall on top of Michael while he was changing the tire.

I’d also like to thank Julia and Michael for wisely pointing out that this is not the worst thing that has happened on a family road trip.  The engine lighting on fire was much worse, as was a side window exploding, as is sitting in Vegas for 5 hours in the heat as Dad fixes the car.  Definitely not the worst.

  • Drove through a monsoon on the way home (Well, my brother was driving, but it was still exciting)

This is my sister Kayla’s interpretive drawing of the car driving in the monson.

This is after the monsoon.

  • Thwarted a group of disguised Daleks

I believe the Daleks are disguising themselves as construction cones in a diabolical plot to take over Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Whyoming.

  • And had an all around good time

This photo actually happened by accident. I was taking a picture of an ice cream sign, when my sister Kayla jumped out the door to say hello.

What is your favorite place to travel to?  Have you ever been to Yellowstone?  Has your tire exploded?  What do you think of the new Doctor?  How would you tie ice cream into a Doctor Who episode?  Do you have any other cures for the Octomoose?

9 thoughts on “While I’ve Been Out… (Adventures In Yellowstone)

  1. Wow, we just came back from Yellowstone a week ago. We also got a flat tire and learned that if you decline the insurance, flat tires are your problem to solve.
    Words don’t do the hot springs justice. Yellowstone is breathtaking. My favorite spot was the painter’s pots. Old Faithful Inn was lovely too.

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