Anthems For The Epic Quest For Employment

Attribution: Library of Congress

Attribution: Library of Congress

She wore a veil to cover her shame as she entered the building. A lady of her standing should not lower herself to such a position, yet she her only wealth were the debts of her late father. Her suitors had disappeared as her entire dowry had been lost to gambling on dragon racing.

After she answered a few grumbled questions, her potential employer pointed at the piano. Using all her years of training, she played out a jaunty ragtime melody, making sure the rhythm thumped along. When she finished, the man pulled at the end of his thick mustache. She waited with her hands in her lap, her back straight and composed.

“Last few were gents and got shot at,” he said. “If you can play all right, I think you being a lady will class up the place. You want the job?”

She glanced around the dusty saloon, considering her alternatives of factory work and house cleaning. This was not the ideal setting, but at least she could use her talents to seek independence, if she lived long enough to enjoy it.

Now that my graduate program is complete, I’ve spent the past two months on an epic quest to find a job (interrupted by my brother’s wedding and a few other adventures). We’ve all sought jobs, and I think we all recognize the exhilarating adventure of filling out online applications, leaning on our network, and tweaking our resume and cover letter again and again. Today has been exciting because I’ve been turned down for one position and asked to interview for another.

As I navigate across the murky waters of applying to jobs, I’ve decided I need a set of anthems to drive me along the way.

When I Am In The Midst of Applying And Haven’t Heard Anything Yet:

This is the long journey theme (for those unfamiliar with Final Fantasy music, this is similar to the epic traveling themes from Lord of the Rings)

This one may also be because I’ve been spending a lot of time with my one year old nephew.

When I Realize I Just Turned In An Application With A Mistake In It:

This is a skit, but I thought it was fun:

When I Am Denied:

I feel like they’re telling me:

But, I know I need to believe in myself:

When I Am Getting Pumped For An Interview:

Sometimes, I also wear a leather motorcycle jacket and beret while strutting down the street, just to build up for my awesomeness.

When I Finally Get A Job:

Got to go with a classic…

I’d love to have your recommendations as well. What music gets you amped up to continue your difficult quests when the end is unclear? What music makes you feel epic and awesome?

My sister recommended this one:

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