Word of the Week: Monologic

While exploring research for my new job (more on that later), I came across the word “Monologic”, which leads us to today’s challenge: Define the word without looking it up. I’d love to hear your definitions.

My supervisor said it sounds like a word to describe a fashion style featuring a monocle.

“You look so monological today, sir.” Attribution: Library of Congress

What’s your definition of monologic?

The more creative the better – and economists and mathematicians, hold yourselves back till after a few submissions.

Other questions:

  • What outfit goes best with a monocle?
  • Should a pirate wear both a monocle and an eyepatch?
  • Doesn’t “monological” sound like something a wizard would exclaim?

Side Note: Life Update

I’ve been quiet around here because the epic search for a job has finally ended. Over the past six weeks, I packed up and moved across four states, traveling from Southern California to San Antonio, TX. I’m loving my new home and my new job. After I move to my permanent housing later this week, I’m hoping to get back to a regular schedule of blogging and writing. Book 3 is in progress with a lot of remodeling to do, but is going to be great.

While waiting, please enjoy what is currently one of my favorite trailers ever (Star Wars: The Last Jedi is cool, but not nearly as fun as this, nor with as fine a use of Led Zeppelin):

7 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Monologic

    • Thanks! I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.
      And I think that’s an excellent definition. Most people’s logic while sick and on prescription medication is different than at other times.

  1. Monologic is the One True Logic, the logic to rule all other logics. With Monologic, one can win any argument, prove any and every valid proposition, and compel all others to bend to your reasoning.

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