Five Games To Play With Your Pet Dinosaur


The first thing to decide when approaching a dinosaur is which direction to come from. If you come from the front, there’s his massive head to contend with, and sometimes horns. From behind, the tail is all muscle and sinew, with enough power to knock over an interstellar train. The sides are hardly better, their eyes always watching for one of those gnashing predators.

However, I was stranded in the jungle, my rope my only friend. It could take months to walk to the nearest port. I had to wrangle a beast and make him my steed, or end up a madwoman, lost forever .

I crept toward the diplodocus, my lasso in hand, keeping at an angle toward his rear-left. The entire street of houses where I grew up could fit across his back. He chomped down another broad leaf as I came close to the broad trunks of his legs. I began swinging my rope and watching his head turn as he determined his next delicacy. I was glad it wasn’t me.

I released the rope. It struck his face and fell to the ground. He let out his grunting roar, and charged deeper into the jungle, his tail whipping behind him. I rolled in the dirt, but was still knocked by the end of his tail, sending me rolling into the tree. I lay there, dazed a while, before gathering my rope and seeking my next steed.

From The Adventures Of Captain Platticus

Oftentimes, we are sitting at home watching the television, when our pet dinosaur decides to push our arm with its head, or to shove its way onto the couch. At these times, it is important to pull out some classic games and help our dinosaur burn off some of that energy. We might even have fun!

Here’s just five great games:

1. Earthquake Jump Rope

This game is great because it burns off a lot of dino-energy, while also shaking up the neighborhood. If you have a diplodocus or other long-necked dino, you can even use their neck or tail as the jump rope.

If it’s just you and the dinosaur, find a tree to attach a rope to – it needs to be a good, sturdy rope – and take turns jumping. You’ll get great exercise, and your dinosaur will feel useful and appreciated. Also, if you need to move furniture, you might be able to just shake it around.

2. Dance, Dance, Evolution


This variation on the classic dance video game is great if your friends have brought their dinosaurs over to play too. Just put on some music, and watch your dinosaurs dance the night away. The last one standing wins!

3. Play Hide and Seek at the Natural History Museum

Smithsonian dinosaur skeleton

Not only will your dinosaur be able to learn more about its family history, but it can pretend to blend in with the displays. Hours can be spent, wondering which dinosaur is a replica and which is your best dino friend. It’s even more fun if the dinosaur is painted to look like a skeleton.

4. Don’t Eat Me

Embed from Getty Images

This is a great game to play with your raptor or tyrannosaurus rex. While you have to be polite and not run in the museum, you can run everywhere in this game. To help get the dinosaur started, you can give it a quick sniff of your arm, or tie a piece of steak to your back. Then, find a good running track and have a great chase.

Not only does this exercise your dinosaur, but it can prepare you for an upcoming 5K or other event. (As long as the dinosaur doesn’t win.)

5. Who’s In My Teeth?


Wilbur, you taste delicious.

This game is best played after your friend has lost “Don’t Eat Me.” Take in your friend’s dinosaur, and start playing the game of “Who’s In My Teeth?” You can even let your dinosaur roam around town freely, and then guess based on remnants of t-shirts or clothing, watches, and more. You might lose some friends along the way, but your dinosaur will love it.

But, if that game is a bit too violent for you, try out some dinosaur egg painting. With how big the eggs are, you could paint a great masterpiece.


This post is dedicated to my friends who came up with this list at a Nerd Party a few months back. There will be more lists coming in the next few weeks.

  • What games do you play with your dinosaurs?
  • Which dinosaur makes the best pet?
  • What do you think Captain Platticus should do next in her grand adventures?

Side Note 1: Here is an awesome Lego Boba Fett costume a designer and dad made for his son.Dad Builds His Son A Damn Impressive Lego Boba Fett Costume

Side Note 2: Here are some photos from The Avengers 2

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Side Note 3: And, in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video which will be shown in many English classrooms next fall:

Side Note 4: Mike Allegra, Children’s Author, his hosting a drawing for a doodle by him. Go check it out. He doesn’t bite, because he is not a dinosaur.

16 thoughts on “Five Games To Play With Your Pet Dinosaur

  1. We sometimes play “Hunt the neighborhood pets” with the pterodactyl. Though it occasionally gets loose at night and preys on the foxes in the neighborhood.

  2. “Not only does this exercise your dinosaur, but it can prepare you for an upcoming 5K or other event. (As long as the dinosaur doesn’t win.)”

    Bahaha! That line hit me right in the side and knocked me out of my chair. Hilarious, Laura! 🙂 Brilliant post. Absolutely brilliant!

    BTW, that Word Crimes video has been making the rounds among my family and friends. It’s so well done. Thanks for featuring it!

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