First Annual T.O.Y (Television Of The Year) Awards – Part 1 (Plus June Monthly Snapshot)

Welcome to the First Annual T.O.Y (Television Of The Year) Awards! 

The traditional television season has come to an end, which means Hollywood is heating up as the nominations for Emmys approach. Some shows I have actually watched will be nominated.

Similar to the WIT (Watched In Theater) awards in January, the goal of the TOY awards is to honor the television shows I actually watch. Whereas with film, I only choose a single winner, the TOY awards has five categories:

                1. Most Improved Show
                2. Best Cancelled Show
                3. Best Show I Gave Up On
                4. Show I Enjoyed More Than It Merited 
                5. Best Overall Show

Over the next three Mondays, I’ll post the winners for each categories above. For now, I’ll leave you with….

And The Contenders Are:


Agents of Shield

American Idol Title Card.png

American Idol

Almost Human

macau amazing raceAmazing Race


The Blacklist

Community title.jpg


About the ShowDoctor Who

Legend of Korra

Cover photoModern Family

Once Upon A Time

Parks and Recreation

project-runway-logoProject Runway

Sleepy Hollow

File:The Voice (Australia).png
The Voice

White Collar - eine TV-Serie mit Stil - Neal Caffrey liebt Maßanzüge

White Collar






Legend of Korra

I also would like to thank online video streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix for giving me the opportunity to watch these shows weeks after they aired. Sometimes, I’ll purposefully wait for three or four episodes to be online and then do a binge watching evening. It’s fairly fun.

Look for next Monday, when the awards for Most Improved Show and Best Cancelled Show will be awarded.

  • What shows did you watch this season?
  • Do you use the Internet to catch up on shows?
  • If you were to be locked in a spaceship traveling to Mars, and could only watch one television series, which would it be and why?

Side Notes: I thought this post on superhero movies from Tabula Candida was fun.

I know this was announced a while ago, but I am still intrigued by the upcoming Agent Carter show for ABC next fall. It’s always exciting to see a show with a booty-kicking lady as a lead.

Which is like my conversation convincing my 12 year old sister to go with me to see Captain America: “It has Scarlett Johanson as Black Widow kicking booty.”


Go on to the next page for this June’s Monthly Snapshot.

12 thoughts on “First Annual T.O.Y (Television Of The Year) Awards – Part 1 (Plus June Monthly Snapshot)

  1. Man, I’ve been putting off watching Agents of Shield for a while now.I have so much to catch up on. Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist all look great. Like I said, I have so much to watch over the summer holidays!

    • There seems a dearth of good television this summer, which, hopefully, will give you a chance to catch up. Judging from your blog, I think you’d enjoy Sleepy Hollow the most – given, they have more undead creatures than other shows. Also – great female characters.

  2. I gave up on Agents of Shield for many reasons. I’d put that as best show I gave up on. Had potential, and sometimes I enjoyed it, but I just couldn’t get into it. Mei Mei told me it’s getting a lot better, but it lost me, and I have yet to go back.

    However, I have had friends telling me to watch Once Upon a Time for the past 2 years, and I finally caved and started season 1 a few weeks ago on Netflix. I’m really enjoying it! Sometimes it’s corny, but it’s slowly gaining it’s footing and gripping me. I’m not sure what award I would give it. “Best show that Kiri had low expectations for but ended up really liking” Haha.

    I’ve heard good things about Believe but haven’t seen it yet.

    • I think that’s a great award for Once Upon A Time. It’s a good show with flashes of greatness. I really got hooked on the show, however, in the middle of Season 1. The mid-season finale has many flashes of greatness, and makes the slower episodes more bearable, building up to the next great moment.

    • The first 2/3 of the first season aren’t great. I didn’t start watching it till the second season – so, I’d start from there. I’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix.

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