5 Reasons To Ask For A Dinosaur For Christmas

My mom has asked me several times to put together a Christmas list for this year, and I am still lagging behind. Most of this is because I am trying to be very strict with my money so I can pay off my car, so I have been putting on blinders to things that I want, which makes it difficult for others to know what to give.

Also, what I really want is a dinosaur for Christmas. Not a stuffed animal, or glow-in-the-dark toys – both of which I already have, but a real live dinosaur straight from Jurassic Park and transported to our backyard.

And why would I want a dinosaur? First, why not? It’s a dinosaur, and dinosaurs are awesome.

But, in case you need some persuasion, here are five reasons to ask for a dinosaur for Christmas:

1. When you watch a dinosaur movie, your pet dinosaur can explain to you what really happened.

Sharptooth has a bad rap. He’s actually a nice fellow, if you happen to also be a T-Rex, and not his dinner.

2. When you are putting up or taking down your holiday lights, you can use your dinosaur like a ladder.

3. A dinosaur can double as a snow-plow.

Or a jungle gym

4. You could start “Ride Your Dinosaur To Work Day”

The morning commute is much easier when you can either stomp over cars in your way or blast them away with your laser-rifle.

While most of us drive dino-powered vehicles, you could have the only dinosaur-powered vehicle with renewable energy!  (Just feed them more leaves, or a cow, depending on what the dino likes to eat.)

5. Dinosaurs are magical!

Is it a dinosaur or a unicorn?

And one of the first animated films ever made was about a dinosaur named Gertie.

How about you? Have you made a Christmas list (or any holiday of your choice)? Do you have a top-secret gift you are excited about giving? If you could have anything, fictional or not, what would it be?

14 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Ask For A Dinosaur For Christmas

  1. I love The Land Before Time!!!!! If I could have a fictional gift it would definitely be a toss-up between Hermoine’s magic bag (that you can put anything and everything in and it stays small) or the time-turner. But the time-turner might cause all kinds of trouble so maybe the bag is a safer request.

  2. I once dreamed of having an Ultrasauros in our backyard. It certainly felt intense. For its shear size, it towered over our house and I couldn’t see it’s head. True story. Now if you ask me what a dinosaur was doing in our backyard, I have to say–I have no clue. But it was fun seeing it there in all its glory, for sure!

  3. Gertie!!! I am on the same boat with Jeff on this one – definitely want a dragon! Wing, scales and breathing fire – that’s my kind of pet 🙂 Although I feel little bad writing this as my eight year old kitten is purring next to me…but I bet she would like to BE a dragon if she could!
    Well, didn’t get one this Christmas but I am happy to wait for my birthday….it’s in August…so plenty of time…just saying.

    • My sister Kayla got me a toy dinosaur for Christmas, which will at least tide me over for a little while.
      Maybe, your cat secretly turns into a dragon at night, which would explain a lot of sleeping during the day.

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