A New Look, The Boot Theory Strikes Back, And The Return Of Summer Movie Bingo

Episode I – A New Look

I have been thinking about changing to a more visual home page theme, but was not sure about making the move.  Then, earlier today, I accidentally deleted my banner and background images from the site.


I guess it’s time for a new look!

For a while, I have been thinking about doing a more space-esque theme, but couldn’t find the right image.  Then, I poked though NASA’s immense collection of pictures.  After much deliberation, we bring you this shininess.

What do you think?

Episode II – The Boot Theory Strikes Back

The Boot Theory, for those unfamiliar, is my term based on a few chapters from The Disc World Series by Terry Pratchet.  Sam Vimes, head of Ankhmorpork’s police force, is a rough-and-tumble man who began as nothing, and has earned his position through hard work.  In one book, after he has come into nobility and wealth through marriage, he is contemplating his worn and disintegrating boots.

Some great fan art of Vimes

His boots are cheap, and fall apart easily, which is why he needs to buy more boots in the near future.  However, a wealthy person pays a higher price for one pair of boots, but those boots last several years.  In the end, the wealthier person remains wealthier while the poorer person remains poorer because in the same period the wealthy person only buys one pair of boots, while the poor has to buy five or ten.

For example, the poor person buys 10 pairs of boots which cost $20, for a total of $200, while the wealthy person buys 1 pair of boots at $100 for the same period of time.  A higher upfront cost, but a lower replacement rate, thus saving the wealthy person money in the long run.

I’ve found the Booth Theory applicable to many things:

1. Pens

You can buy 20 generic brand ball-point pens for $2, or you can buy one Uniball gel pen.  Some of the ball-point pens will work, many won’t.  The ink may last longer, but the pen will be less ergonomic, running the risk of tendanitis or another repetitive stress injury.  This is actually a serious risk for myself, who writes for hours each day – both on a keyboard and by pen.

Ultimate cost of ball-point pens?  Potential thousands for surgery.

Ultimate cost of Uniball gel pen? $2.

2. Furniture

My parents recently replaced their dresser set of nearly 30 years with one from a big box store.  First, the set was missing the back piece that holds things and places.  Then, once the piece was sent, the drawers don’t quite fit.  While this furniture may last a while, we realized my parents may have been better off to spend the extra money for a solid-wood set that will last for decades.  We give this set about 5-10 years.

3. Cover For Electronics

For my previous tablet, I skimped and bought a $10 cover, despite also buying a $15 screen protector from Zagg.com.

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently dropped the tablet after a year of use and cracked the screen.

Because of that $10 decision, I bought a used replacement for $115, and an Otterbox cover (basically a tank for your electronics to ride in) for $50.

4. Junk Food

This is bit of an extrapolation of the theory, similar to the pens.  There are myriads of coupons to buy junk food with, but few for fruits and vegetables, often making healthy, non-processed foods far more expensive per item.  However, when comparing the cost of an orange versus the future health care costs of that delicious-looking box of Oreos on sale and almost free with your coupons, the orange is far cheaper.

5. Purse

First, I must confess I am not a fan of carrying a purse.  While it is nice to have something to throw things in, I don’t like making sure I have my bag.  For work, due to commuting, I have a backpack that also doubles as a car trunk for all my handy needs.  For church, I have a nice briefcase-style bag large enough to hold all of my manuals and random journals.  I need purses only for social excursions and, maybe, grocery shopping.  My backpack is a bit cumbersome for going to dinner with.

My most recent purse purchase was for $12 at a discount store, and was a plain cloth black.  It had a few tears between pockets from use, and then somehow disappeared between coming home  and cleaning up from vacation.

So, he other night, after weeks of denial, I decided I needed a purse.  Not just any purse.  A grown up lady purse.

I entered Target intending to spend as little as possible on something I rarely use, but still need.

I perused the purse section, and found a $20 cloth purse large enough for my purposes, but lacking style.  The ones with any sort of style were at least $25.  Then, I saw a purse I actually liked (I’ll explain why in a moment) for $30.

Was it worth $10 more, however?

This is when I applied the Boot Theory.

The $20 purse would get me by, but I would avoid using it more than I already avoid purses.  The $30 purse was more sturdily made and could serve more purposes.

After going on a quick walk around the store, I returned with the words of Sam Vimes in my mind.

And I walked out of the store with the $30 purse.

And why did I like it?

Well, here it is on my wall:

I think it looks like something Indiana Jones would carry.  If I’m going to have a purse, I may as well have one I can carry into adventure.

Episode III – The Return Of The Summer Movie Bingo

Congratulations to our winner… (Drumroll please………..)

Melanie at Mehlsbells.wordpress.com.  Here is her Announcing Post.

In case you forgot or missed it, here are the rules for Summer Movie Bingo.

Now all Melanie has to do is send me her e-mail and I’ll send her an e-gift card for $15 to Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, or Fandango!

Look for the Fall/Winter Bingo card coming out in the near future…



Well, that’s it for today’s eclectic post.  Again, what do you think of the new look?  What has Boot-Theoried your life?  What are your suggestions for categories for Fall/Winter Bingo?  Do you want an Indiana Jones purse too?

Some Fun Links

“Comedy Comes From The Heart And Other Tips” from Elizabeth Fais

13 thoughts on “A New Look, The Boot Theory Strikes Back, And The Return Of Summer Movie Bingo

  1. Huzzah!

    my email is melanie [at] b-windmedia.com (and Amazon, please and thank you.)

    Incidentally, I have this guy – http://amzn.to/19rbgc3 – for my ipad, and it’s probably saved me several hundred bucks at this point. Haven’t gotten around to getting a tank for my phone to ride in yet . . .

    • Your gift card has just been sent via e-mail. I apologize for the delay. I was so shocked by the amazingness of your Bingo win that I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.
      If you could let me know if you receive the e-certificate, that would be great.

      • Well that makes two of us overwhelmed with amazing! 😉

        Yep, I got it. Super cool, thanks. I had a great time at the theatre, and then coming back and filling in my card.

        Also, I’d like to shamelessly ask if I am also qualified for the shameless plug / interview?

  2. Who wouldn’t want an Indiana Jones style shoulder bag?!

    Boots theory sounds similar to the “poverty premium” – the extra money people on low incomes have to pay because they can’t afford to buy in bulk/ don’t have bank accounts to take advantage of direct debit discounts for utility bills etc. In Britain, the Department for Work and Pensions argues that addressing the poverty premium is one reason for the forthcoming change in the way benefits are paid to low income households from a series of weekly small amounts for different purposes to a single, monthly payment. The project has lots of critics and isn’t due to be implemented in full until 2017 – will be interesting to see the results.

  3. I love this so much – you have NO idea!

    AND…..I love the new blog look. I have been actually thinking about changing my layout for a long time – but I LOVE my banner that a certain special person made for me. But, really. All joking aside….this new layout is SO you!

  4. The new look is good! 😀 And I like your purse!

    And I agree with your theory! I prefer the uniball pens a lot more than regular pens because they feel better between my fingers. I’m also currently in the market for a new laptop to suit gaming purposes, and while there are some cheap alternatives, I thought I’d splurge a bit and buy one with extra powerful specs so it would last me longer. =]

    • Buying things is always a question of how much of an investment is it worth? How often will I use it? Is a cheaper product as good as quality? (and sometimes it is).
      As for computers, they upgrade so quickly I agree it is better to buy something with higher specs that will stay current longer.

  5. I just got here, so I can speak to your ‘new’ look, but I like ‘the’ look. I love Uniball Rollerball pens – extra fine point (I get refills off eBay and just keep refilling my favorite one) 🙂 As for bags … whew am I a bag lady. Not so much purses, but over the shoulder, messenger style/reporter style bags. I like a good deal on a bag and because I carry so many gadgets (for work) it has to have lots of pockets. I can take way too long searching for the perfect bag, of course the next perfect bag is just a few months away. I try to control myself but it’s practically an addiction 🙂

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