Someday, It’ll Be Your Birthday Too


A Cake From My Co-Workers

I am a firm believer in being honest about my age.  I have lived and earned every year, and, really, everyone ages.

Birthdays are a party everyone gets.

So, today, April 18, 2013, I am 29 years old.

And here are some reasons why my birthday and birth year are awesome:

  1. My birthday is on the cusp between Aries and Taurus, which means I can choose which horoscope is mine.  I usually pick Aries.
  2. The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and I share the same birthday.  I didn’t know this until I opened up Facebook today.  Woot!
    1. Other famous people (that I actually like and respect) born April 18 include: Hayley Mills, Melissa Joan Hart, America Ferrera, and Eric McCormick, Jane Leeves, Conan O’Brian, and Lucrezia Borgia (an infamous poisoner according to one site).
  3. George Orwell decided 1984 was so awesome, he wrote a book about it – though it’s a depressing, dystopian vision of the year.
  4. On another note, April 18, 1906 was the San Francisco earthquake and fire which “killed 4,000 and destroyed 75% of the city”.  While that’s not good, there is a fun Star Trek: The Next Generation 2-parter that takes place during the earthquake.
  5. The director of my department has the same birthday.  I made us matching party hats.20130418_130413
  6. Some great – or at least classic –  movies came out the year I was born, including:
    • This Is Spinal Tap
    • Ghostbusters
    • Splash (at least in my house it’s classic)
    • The Karate Kid
    • The Last Starfighter
    • Dune (yes, the film has problems, but it’s still a great book and an odd but important Sci-Fi film)
    • Amadeus
    • And a small movie by unknown director James Cameron – Terminator.
      • For your birthday, get the Series 800 robot for all your asplosion needs.

  7. I was born.

This is how I spend birthdays: Boba Fett helmet, Dinosaur, and plenty of chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk.

Tonight’s party plans: Pizza, slurpees, chocolate chip cookies, and watching the Hobbit on my projector.

Low key and fun.

Hope you all have a great day, and, soon, it will be your birthday too!

What do you like to do for your birthday?  What nerdtastic connections do you have in your birth day or year?  What’s your favorite birthday ever?

– My favorite birthday ever involved watching Star Wars lightsaber battles back to back, playing with glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs, and eating Adam’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

I hope your next birthday is this delicious.

18 thoughts on “Someday, It’ll Be Your Birthday Too

  1. Happy birthday! Good on you for not hiding your age, I wear mine with pride too. 😀 Your cake looks fantastic, and your share your birthday with awesome people. So it’s all good stuff.

    For my birthday, I like to go out and do something with a close friend. I’m not big on parties, so usually it’s movies and then a bunch of different desserts, then I return home to more cake from family. =D

    • Many, many desserts sound great until the moment I just reached: Too full to eat so much awesome.
      I’ve thought about doing a party, but, with the epicness of my daily life, a quiet night sounds really nice.

  2. As you know from my blog, my birthday has already gone by this year. During the year I was born, the U.S. joined the Space Age. We also dropped an atom bomb on South Carolina. The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was launched. The Beatles (pre-Ringo) had their first recording session. “The Leopard” by di Lampedusa was published posthumously. Henry Kuttner and C. M. Kornbluth died. James Blish wrote “A Case of Conscience.” Ian Fleming wrote “Dr. No.” (The Bond films were still a few years away.) Movies released included “Bell, Book, and Candle,” “The Blob,” “The Horror of Dracula” (one of Hammer Film’s first big hits), and “The Vikings” (its theme song haunted me in my youth). “The Adventures of Superman” ended on TV.

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like you’re all set for the perfect birthday. It’s cosmic that you share the same birthday as Doctor #10. Maybe he’ll show up in the TARDIS somehow and take you on a trip? One can always hope!

  4. Our birthdays are so close to each other! Who would’ve thunk that? I got mine on a weekend this year which was great. Any cool gifts? I got some a BSG shirt from Her Universe, plus some Star Wars soap that was on Etsy.

    • After a deluge of awesomely nerdy presents for Christmas, I’m getting the very exciting present of: New shoes. These are $120 Dansko brand – not glamorous, but sturdy, comfortable, and last for a long time. My family birthday dinner is on Sunday, so I may be getting a few other things by then.

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