Star Trek: Into Sherlock

It’s time to pull out our Sherlock skills and decipher the clues that master of movie secrets J.J. Abrams has left for us in the latest trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness

In this movie, things will asplode.

What we know from press coverage and previous trailers is that Bendict Cumberbatch is playing a character named John Harrison, who may be based on a character from the Original Series.

Here’s what we know from the new trailer:

  • He is tall
  • He is angry
  • This movie will be totally awesome

Here are a few other inferences from this trailer:

  1. John Harrison is a renegade/ex-agent of Star Fleet
  2. John Harrison and Captain Kirk are going to have awesome shouting matches
  3. John Harrison is really angry about some crime the commanders committed and can’t forgive them
  4. Lots of things are going to explode, blow up, and be smashed into smithereens
  5. The “things” from #3 appear to include: London, San Francisco, Alcatraz, The Enterprise, a random Star Fleet conference room, your mind
  6. John Harrison has similar fashion to the BBC’s current version of Sherlock Holmes, including a high-collared trench coat
  7. Uhura gets to do some booty-kicking
  8. Alice Eve as Dr. Carol Marcus looks good in underwear and a bra, has buff abs, and also looks really young to be a doctor

Theories, conjectures, and thoughts based on above information:

  • Given that Dr. Carol Marcus is Kirk’s baby mama from Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, it is clear Chris Pine’s Kirk is getting a love interest.  Will there be a beginning to baby-mama-drama in this alternate timeline, or will they stay together this time?  Only Alice Eve’s contract will tell.
  • John Harrison is not Khan.  J.J. Abrams and Co. wouldn’t use two connections to Wrath of Khan.  However, he could still be a George Mitchell-style character, a man who has become as a God.  It’s a great, Classic Trek theme.
  • If the Federation and Star Fleet use money, they will need a lot of money to pay for damage to major cities.
  • John Harrison is a pseudo-shadow-double for Sherlock, but in the future.  This detective is angry, but still likes high-collar coats.
  • John Harrison is the latest version of Jason Bourne, and the CIA of the future has developed a serum to give him Godlike powers.
  • John Harrison is actually an alias for Sherlock Holmes.  When he [SPOILER] leaped off a building at the end of Season 2, The Doctor caught him in the TARDIS, and transported him to the future.  John/Sherlock is angry because Watson apparently died when the Voguns destroyed Earth 1, not knowing Watson changed his name to Arthur Baggins and went traveling with 13 dwarves and a towel.

What are your theories of where Star Trek: Into Darkness will take us?  Are you excited they just started filming Sherlock Season 3?  Wouldn’t Benedict Cumberbatch play a great son to any Alan Rickman character?  Are you Sherlocked by this movie, or are you wary?

While you think about it, check out my friend Rikki’s awesome original song, “I Believe In Sherlock Holmes”

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Side Note 1: According to The Mary Sue, CBS has greenlighted a pilot called Super Clyde starring Harry Potter’s own Rupert Grint as a fast-food employee/nerd.  After he inherits a bunch of money, he decides to become a super hero, and gets Stephen Fry as his butler.  (Stephen Fry has a bit of experience as a butler.)  This has the potential to be amazing.  It could be paired with Elementary, and CBS could have a British Invasion night.

Side Note 2: Vote for my sister Natalie’s super-cool design on until Monday, March 24.

8 thoughts on “Star Trek: Into Sherlock

  1. I admit my only knowledge of Star Trek is limited to the 2009 movie, and I wouldn’t have watched it if it weren’t for my fiance’s persistence! That said, I loved it and I think the trailer for the new movie looks completely awesome. I can’t wait to watch it. =D

    • Much of my Star Trek knowledge comes from my brother’s influence. I did grow up watching The Next Generation, but only started watching The Original Series a few years ago.

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