Presents of Easter – Some Whovian Change

In my life, I’ve received some great secular Easter gifts that come in pastel baskets: various books (usually Star Wars), nifty pen sets (I’m an office supply fanatic), high-quality chocolate bunnies, and, my favorite, the $5 in change my grandparents give every year.

While $5 isn’t much, it’s not really about the money.  It’s about gathering the plastic eggs hidden eggs around my grandparents’ yard, and then opening them at the kitchen table.  With 7 grandchildren’s worth of money, the table is covered in a field of nickel and copper, some quarters and dimes thrown in too.  We sit together, organizing the change as we joke and laugh, and then divvy up the takings equally.  After Easter, most of this money ends up in our mother’s possession as we pay her back for this or that.  By early May, her purse weighs about 10lbs more.

This year, however, it’s difficult to say whether I’m more excited about $5 in change or March 30th’s new Doctor Who episode.  We get to find out a little more about Clara Oswin Oswald, and dive into a new adventure and new places.  With half-a-season before us, there is going to be a lot of story in a little time.

What are you looking forward to this Easter?  What are some of your favorite traditions?  Are you as excited for the new episodes of Doctor Who as I am, or would you rather have $5 in change from your super-awesome grandparents instead?

Happy Easter and Happy Spring Break to anyone who works or goes to school.

6 thoughts on “Presents of Easter – Some Whovian Change

  1. As a child, I was always disappointed that the chocolate Easter bunny in my basket was HOLLOW. Gadzooks! Well, a few years ago, my sister, who had been going through some rough times, had a birthday that fell on Easter. So, as a present, I had a SOLID chocolate Easter bunny mailed to her. It was a welcome surprise.

  2. I’d probably be looking forward to Doctor Who more, if only I’d gotten around to watching any Doctor Who. My friends keep telling me to start with the new series, but I really want to watch at least a bit of the pre-Eccleston stuff.

    So… for now, I guess I’m mostly looking forward to the Easter egg hunt for the kids. I’m always excited about that. And it gets more fun every year because we can hide the eggs in higher and trickier places!

    • My favorite classic Doctor Who is Robots of Death with Tom Baker. The costumes and design are dated, and a little silly, and yet the story is chilling and gripping.

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  4. What I looked forward to? Easter egg hunt with my two kids and our two neighbor families. I love wrapping up little gifts (punching balloons, bubbles, pencils, etc) so that it’s not just an overdose-on-candy-day… we do the high-quality chocolate, too. And, of course, Easter Sunday was the season premiere of Games of Thrones… which we watched on Easter Monday because on Sunday we were our usual board-game-geeky selves and played Agricola with some friends.

    Did Dr. Who live up to your hopes/expectations?

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