Highlights From Hello’s And High-Fives

Well, Jack Nicholson cancelled giving out the awards because he wanted to take his Oscars out to the Lakers basketball game.

Thanks once again for everyone who participated in Hello’s and High-Fives!  I was blown away by the lively conversations not only on my blog, but across everyone else’s.  Look forward to award/game/soiree type things in the future.  If you have any suggestions, list them in the comments.  For example, my sister Natalie suggested something to do with S’mores.

For today’s event, here is a highlight reel of the top answers/exchanges:

  • Dougsan:  Is it wrong if I say vanilla? I really want to have a more exciting answer than that but I’m afraid I don’t… I mean let’s face it, vanilla gets a tough rap. It’s pretty good.
    • Awarded for honesty, and because sometimes plain vanilla is just right.
  • tomsnare1025:  The first reason that comes to mind for disliking my utopian society would have to be, I enjoy progress. I feel if I was in the perfect scenario, I had achieved all that was asked of me. That would leave way too much free time on my hands, and you know what they say: “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.” That a good question, hard to answer.
    • Awarded for a thoughtful answer, and a good point.  Life is about growing and progression.
  • Jilanne Hoffmann: If I could do one thing without consequences, I would hijack a reputable publisher, print a run of a million copies each of my children’s book trilogy and then have them pay for a year-long nationwide promo tour and have them book me on Oprah. Ha! Now there’s some fantasy fiction for you. 😮 )
    • Awarded for being something all aspiring authors would love to do.
  • mysticcooking: If I were to write my autobiography, what would the title be? Hmm, good question…I’m not very good at titles so probably something super cheesy like “Story of My Life,” unless I actually wanted people to read it. Then I’d title it “An Astronaut’s Guide to Spying on the World,” or something totally made up. Of course, that might result in a lot of disappointed readers…
    • Awarded for awesome title.  I’d be one of those disappointed readers.  However, if you could work space travel and a global view in as a theme, then you might be able to get away with it.  Or, you could write your autobiography from the perspective of an alien looking down at your life…  That could be absolutely terrible or completely awesome.
  • ryath: “If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? Bonus points for identifying the superpower you would LEAST want and why.”  I’ve always leaned toward invisibility. I think it’s partly that I’ve always loved watching and listening, but it’s been hard for me to put myself out there. So I guess invisibility is an extension of that. Maybe super social skills would help me out more, though. Is that a super power? And the one I least want? Whatever the Hulk has. I don’t really feel like being a scary monster man and I don’t want to imagine how much I’d be spending on new shirts.
    • Awarded for some excellent points.  First, social skills are a super power.  Second,of all genetically modified super heroes, the Hulk has a bad deal.  At least Spiderman remembers who he is and what he does while he’s flexing his super powers.
  • grizyeti: A random question as posed by the commenter before you: what would you call your spirit animal? Hmmm, spirit animal, thee shall be dubbed – Verdeed, and it would probably be close to a ferret or weasel, not because I resemble one, but because, just because
    • Awarded for randomness.
  • Jae: A random question as posed by the commenter before you: would you rather sit in a broken uncomfortable chair while healthy, or sit in an unbroken comfortable chair while in pain? I guess the unbroken, comfortable one while in pain. Or the chair that looks broken and uncomfortable but it’s ACTUALLY a super neat TARDIS chair! 😀
    • Awarded for adding Doctor Who to a non-sci-fi question
  • And the award for best overall conversation goes to…
    • Jae: Who’s cooler, Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds and why?
    • ryath: Whoa! I’m glad I already played so I don’t have to take this question on. Han vs. Mal? That may be the hardest question anyone has ever asked ever.
    • roweeee: I haven’t given either character much consideration. Han Solo. Had to Google Malcolm Reynolds to find out who he was. I do like Castle though.
    • starwarsanon: The only question I see is the Han Solo vs. Mal…my allegiance lies with Han but Mal is awesome, no denying it. But Han Solo.
    • Jae: I thought Miss L Palmer would appreciate it, being a Star Wars fan and all
      • Awarded for 1. Playing to the judge, 2. A show of support to Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, and Star Wars all in one conversation.  3. Being an example of the banter and dialogue that makes blogging fun.
        • NOTE: I have a terrible confession to make.  Despite my admiration for both Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion, I have yet to see a whole episode of Firefly and Serenity.  I think I need to have a date with Netflix.  By the way, I’d pick Han Solo, but I’d rather hang out with Nathan Fillion.

      My handsome studliness is the real prize.

Thanks once again for participating in Hello’s and High-Fives!


Here are all the questions as of today.  Feel free to respond to any of these in the comments below:

Dougsan:  A question I always debate with my kids: if you could have a superpower what would it be and why? Bonus points for identifying the superpower you would LEAST want and why.

traveylynntobin: Suppose you woke up one morning and found that the cable, internet, and phones had stopped working, and no matter where you looked you couldn’t find another human being anywhere. What would you do?

Brian Bixby: You live in utopian society, where everyone lives a life free from need, work, and medical problems. Why are you unhappy with it?

Tomsnare1025 : Would you rather have everything smell like flowers, or everything feel like silk?

ryath: How about the classic “What animal would you want to reincarnate as?”

David Brooks: How long does it take to become meaningful?

akeensensibility: So, to the next poster, what would you call your spirit animal?

grizyeti: My question to the next poster, I hope this isn’t too simplistic for this game: would you rather sit in a broken uncomfortable chair while healthy, or sit in an unbroken comfortable chair while in pain?

Jae: Who’s cooler, Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds and why?

Roweee: My question for the next person is if you have 5 minutes to live and could make one phone call, who would you ring and what would you say? That might count as two questions but have a go anyway.

starwarsanon: If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Cafecasey: How have you conquered your most difficult challenge?

Andrea: My question to the next victim is this: If you were to write your autobiography, what would the title be?

Mystic Cooking: My question to the next person is… If you could do one thing without any consequences, what would it be?

Jilanne Hoffmann: If you could change anything about this world, what would you change?


SIDE NOTE: My spirit animal would be a polk-a-dot dinosaur, or a duck-cow.  Duck-cow’s happen to be my favorite animal.

As a reminder, feel free to answer any question from above that you’d like, and make suggestions for future games/awards/soirees.

11 thoughts on “Highlights From Hello’s And High-Fives

  1. Thanks for choosing one of my answers!
    Congrats to all other winners too
    I’ll come back later and answer the questions, should be fun.

  2. My spirit animal would be a platypus, because scientists were completely confused by it when they saw the first specimens. Confusing authority with facts is a good thing.

      • I have an interesting platypus story to share and I’m really excited that I could put my hand straight on the book. It was in a pile of material about Australia which I’ll be sending into my son’s class. We are book collectors so it is often hard for me to put my hand on something when I need it.
        Anyway, during WWII Winston Churchill asked the Australian government for a live platypus. A live platypus hadn’t been seen in Europe and apparently it would have been a big thing for the London Zoo. David Fleay was commissioned to act on the request. Anyway, unfortunately, the story has a sad end. During the crossing, the ship had to employ anti-submarine depth charges and unfortunately the platypus, who was named Winston, died, presumably as a result from concussion. The platypus is very sensitive to vibration.
        Anyway, Winston Churchill had the platypus stuffed and kept it on his desk.

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