Author Adventures: Writing Conference – LTUE 2019

This week, I’m headed off to an adventure in Provo, Utah for my fifth time at LTUE 2019!
Why do I love writing conferences? They are a chance for me to nerd out with other authors on the writing process and find out what exciting things are being developed.
I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends and meeting new, awesome people. I had hoped to have the third book in the series ready to launch, but that’s been delayed. Look for an announcement on that soon.
In the meantime, if you’re at the conference, come see me at the nifty panels below or at the book signing at the Marriott Convention Center in Provo on Friday Night. You might even find out your fairy tale fortune…


See here for the website link:

1. Thursday, February 14 – 10am: How To Write a Video Game: How can one craft a compelling narrative that keeps players interested, fits well with the gameplay, and is properly paced?

  1. Friday, February 15 – 4pm: Crowdfunding a Game’s Development: As crowdfunding becomes an increasingly popular way to finance new games, how can the technology best be leveraged?

  2. Saturday, February 16 – 9am: Developing Rules for Board Games: Once you’ve got your board game idea, how do you put it down into a playable game?

  3. Saturday, February 16 – 10am: Not Your Ordinary Princess: Shannon Hale, Patricia Wrede, and Gale Carson Levine: Princess stories have been around centuries. Shannon Hale, Patricia Wrede, and Gail Carson Levine have taken princess stories to a whole new level with humor, strong characterization, and engaging stories.

  4. Saturday, February 16 – 3pm: What Makes a Book a Book: Experimental Formats: Some authors are getting a little far afield with their narratives. Whether it’s a pile of scraps, an interconnected narrative, a series of webpages, or something else entirely, learn more about the ways that our very notion of a “book” is evolving.

  5. Saturday, February 16 – 4pm: The Works and Worlds of Roger Zelazny: Zelazny weaves worlds with a mix of modern and mythology to create tension and push beyond the familiar. He pushes still further by moving beyond the linear storyline, mixing genres, and crossing worlds.


  • What would you want as your fairy tale fortune?
  • What ridiculous things should I say on my panels?

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