Self-Publishing Quick-Guide (And Resources)

The author sat in her lair, brooding as she looked over the stack of unpublished manuscripts, letters of rejection, and the collateral clutter of their writing be ignored.

Her story was worthy, her words honed and powerful. Her voice had to be shared.

She could no longer knock at the ironclad doors. Instead, she would seek her own path, reaching directly to the readers of books.

10,000 adoring fans would one day be pounding at their door, asking for the acclaimed wordsmith.

First, however, she had to finish writing the novel.

Later this month, I am going to be a panelist at an event on self-publishing for the San Marcos Public Library in San Marcos, TX. I highly recommend the event for authors, aspiring authors, and awesome readers in the San Marcos/Austin/San Antonio area.

In preparation, I have been reflecting on my own independent publishing journey and the many mentors and resources I used to learn how to self-publish professionally.

With that, I’ve made this one-page self-publishing quick guide for all who are looking at self-publishing and saying, “What do the heck am I doing?” (download here).

As you’ll notice, there aren’t a lot of details. This guide is meant to help you know what to look up and research along the way, a guide to get you started.

However, the magic of the internet allows a lot more space than one-page. I’m not going to go in depth for each one, but I’m going to at least provide some online resources that will point you in the right direction.

If you have another great resource for new writers, please comment below.

If you have any further questions on any of these, please comment as well. I will either attempt to answer your question there or put together another blog post to go in more detail.

So, You’ve Decided To Be An Independent Author? (With Resources)

Do you know your brand?

  • Who is your market?
  • What is your genre?
  • What do you bring to storytelling? Did you write a great book?



Have you learned the writing craft?

Have you worked with Critique Partners?

Did you get feedback from Beta Readers?

  • Beta readers are readers and writers who can tell you if your character, plot, and overall writing is working. Many authors use beta readers at different stages – some as a final check, some as a check between drafts.
  • Here are some answers I got from other authors while working on beta reading my first published book, The True Bride and the Shoemaker:

Tools of the Trade:

When You Publish

Invest In The Business of Writing

Hire A Professional Editor and Go Through the 4 stages of editing:


Hire A Professional Graphic Designer

Formatting (The Inside of the Book)

Where to buy an ISBN (Amazon provides identifiers free on Kindle and Createspace, but this lists Amazon as your publisher)

E-Book Vendors: (Your Main Market)

Pricing: Perma-Free, $2.99 to $4.99

For great info on the independent author market, visit

Print Book


Pricing: High enough to discount (ex. 2-3 times more than wholesale)

Launch Your Book

Send out Advance Reader Copies (ARC’s) for reviews

Have a great Street Team spread the word

Have a launch party to build momentum

Have a Centralized Marketing (All Channels Lead to One Place)

Have an Internet Presence (Select medium that works best for you)

Marketing Channels:

Make Some Author Friends

The main point is to remember that publishing is a business. The more professionally you approach the process, the more likely you are to succeed.

Not mentioned in the list above is thinking about tax law and business matters. Here’s a great resource with more info:

5 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Quick-Guide (And Resources)

  1. Lol this reminds me of the intense process it takes to start your own business. I’ve begun mentoring VAs on the side and it really is just SO much information and when you’ve been through it, you look over your shoulder and think, “Oh my gosh, that was a lot of work.”

    But something like you just created will be very, very useful for anyone who is starting out – so kudos for sharing!

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