Good, Clean Fantasy For Your Valentine’s Day

If you’ve enjoyed the League of Scribes (interviews with authors of clean* fantasy novels), you’ll enjoy The Fellowship of Fantasy Valentine’s sale February 12-14, 2017.

This is a great chance to meet some new authors and add some great books to your collection. Book are priced at $.99 or FREE. (I’ve included my own first book, The True Bride and the Shoemaker, at $.99 until February 14th.)

These are books full of magic, dragons, fairy tales, adventure, and everything we love about fantasy worlds. There’s steampunk, epic, historical fantasy, and plenty of other subgenres of fantasy. I’ve also had a chance to interacted with all of these authors and they’re a great group of people. I highly recommend checking out the books below.

(All Fellowship of Fantasy titles are author rated with a guaranteed content level no higher than PG-13.)

As pricing can be subject to the whims of the vendors, please verify that the deals are still active before purchasing. Thank you!

Bargain Books (priced at 99 cents)


Rebirth—Frank B. Luke-Amazon

Rebirths: A Tale of Azuran by [Luke, Frank B.]

Seven Deadly Tales—Frank B. Luke-Amazon

Seven Deadly Tales: A Collection of Faustian Bargains (Lou's Bar & Grill) by [Luke, Frank B]

The Hidden Level—AJ Bakke-Amazon

The Hidden Level (The Hidden Level Trifecta Book 1) by [Bakke, A. J.]

To Save Two Worlds—AJ Bakke-Amazon

To Save Two Worlds: (is twice as much fun) (Worlds Akilter Book 1) by [Bakke, A. J.]

The Regency Shifter Series—KM Carroll-AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble

The Regency Shifter Series books 1-3 by [Carroll, K.M.]

Academy of Secrets—Michael Carney-Author Website

Academy of Secrets: From the Outcast Angels Christian Fantasy & Science Fiction series by [Carney, Michael]

Sunbolt—Intisar Khanani-AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo

Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles Book 1) by [Khanani, Intisar]

Wyndano’s Cloak—A. R. Silverberry AmazonBarnes and Noble

Wyndano's Cloak by [Silverberry, A. R.]

The Stream—A. R. Silverberry –AmazonBarnes and Noble

The Stream by [Silverberry, A. R.]

Rainbird—Rabia Gale-AmazonBarnes and NobleKobo

Reality Break—Jennifer Kibble-Amazon

Reality Break: (Phoenix Element Book 3) by [Kibble, Jennifer]

Battle for the Throne—EJ Willis-Amazon

Alaina will do anything to free her people from a tyrant who’s taken control, but first she must face a foe more powerful than any mortal.

Nyssa Glass’s Clockwork Christmas—H. L. Burke-Amazon

A Steampunk Christmas romance that’s sweet rather than steamy.

Nyssa Glass's Clockwork Christmas: A Christmas Novelette by [Burke, H. L.]


The True Bride and the Shoemaker—L. Palmer-Author WebsiteAmazon

A fairy tale full of magic, romance, and sensible footwear. (Also, by one of my favorite authors)


Cry of the Sea—D. G. Driver-Amazon

When Juniper Sawfeather discovers mermaids during an oil spill, can she protect them from being exploited? Or killed?

Cry of the Sea by [Driver, D. G.]

Foxtails—Erica Laurie-Amazon

Foxtails: A Paranormal Regency Romance by [Laurie, Erica]

Eun Na and the Phantom—Erica Laurie-Amazon

Eun Na and the Phantom by [Laurie, Erica]

Free Books


The Buick Eight—Frank B. Luke-Amazon

The Buick Eight (Joshua's Pawn Shop Book 1) by [Luke, Frank B.]

Cora and the Nurse Dragon—H. L. Burke-Amazon

Cora thought she knew everything about dragons, then she met Cricket.

Cora and the Nurse Dragon by [Burke, H. L.]

Lands of Ash—H. L. Burke-Amazon

What remains when the world burns?

Lands of Ash (Elemental Realms Book 1) by [Burke, H. L.]

Prince of Alasia—Annie Douglass Lima-Amazon

Prince of Alasia (Annals of Alasia) by [Douglass Lima, Annie]

Awakening—Julie C. Gilbert-Amazon

Awakening (Redeemer Chronicles Book 1) by [Gilbert, Julie C.]

Leandra’s Enchanted Flute—Katy Huth Jones-Amazon

Leandra's Enchanted Flute (Tales of Finian Jahndra Book 1) by [Jones, Katy Huth]

Mercy’s Prince—Katy Huth Jones-Amazon

Mercy's Prince (He Who Finds Mercy Book 1) by [Jones, Katy Huth]

Woe for a Faerie—B. Brumley-AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble

Woe for a Faerie: Keepers of New York (Book One) by [Brumley, B.]

Chasing Lady Midnight—C. L. Ragsdale-Amazon

Chasing Lady Midnight: A Superhero Cozy Mystery by [Ragsdale, C.L.]

Jin In Time Part One —Karin De Havin-AmazoniTunesBarnes and Noble

Jin In Time (Part One): (Time Travel Romance Series) (The Time Is Forever Series Book 1) by [De Havin, Karin]

Nyssa Glass and the Caper Crisis—H. L. Burke-Amazon

Nyssa was born to fix things, not steal things.

Nyssa Glass and the Caper Crisis by [Burke, H. L.]

If you’re interested in more, I highly recommend checking out the Fellowship of Fantasy’s ever growing library of free to download fantasy titles

*Clean fiction is “stories without graphic violence, explicit sexuality, or strong profanity” (Ardmore Library), or PG and lighter PG-13, and excludes any use of the F-word

Other Upcoming Events and Announcements

As a reminder, I’ll be at LTUE, a writing conference in Provo, UT next week. Here’s my schedule. If you’re in the Provo area, I’d love to see you! There’ll be a book signing with over 50 authors (including me) on Friday, February 17 from 6-8. I’d love to see you there!

More on this later, but my second book is available in e-book and the print book will be available starting next week. Here’s a quick trailer:

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