Three Episode VII Trailers To Rule Them All (And In The Darkness Bind All The Star Wars Fans)

As you may have noticed, the third trailer for Episode VII came out last night. I might be excited because I have a paper due tomorrow, but, instead, I am writing this to share how AWESOME it is.

Even if the movie isn’t great, we will always have this trailer.

I have brought together all three trailers in this blog and will now explore what we have learned from each.

Trailer 1: In Which We Are Introduced To A Sweaty Stormtrooper And A Lightsaber With A Controversial Hilt

Someone with a cool, deep voice (probably voiced by Andy Serkis) is a bad, bad villain.

Jakku Screenshot from Trailer 1 = Episode VII:

There is a desert planet (which other sources name Jakku, and some theorize is a renamed Tatooine. What’s the beginning of a Star Wars Trilogy without good ol’ Tatooine?)

Diversity!!!!! A black stormtrooper? Are there other non-Caucasians in here, who are not dressed up as aliens? Maybe!


Robots are really good at riding on soccer balls. Hello BB8.

force awakens stomtrooper

The Empire is still going strong, and has updated their stormtroopers to have sleeker, shinier armor

X-rated: An army of fighters are on the attack in what promises to be a welcome addition to the franchise 

X-wings haven’t been updated, but look cool flying over water and creating a nifty spray-tail

New face: Daisy Ridley - a virtual unknown prior to her casting - also features in the new trailer. The British actress is rumoured to play Han Solo and Princess Leia's adult daughter in the new film, which is set 30-years after the fall of the Empire

There’s a booty-kicking girl in the movie, and she gets to ride a clunky speeder-box-thing

Something new: A striking. sword shaped lightsaber emerges as the cloaked figure prepares to do battle. 

LIGHTSABER! With a hilt!…?! Is that cool? Is that ridiculous? I don’t know… but, somehow, I love it.

In flight: Perhaps the most enduring spaceship in the Star Wars universe, the Millenium Falcon was last seen in 1983 smash The Reurn Of The Jedi

The Millenium Falcon doesn’t need anything to still be cool, but loop-de-loops are fun.

From Star Wars Episode VII / 7 Trailer 1:

Wait, we still have to wait another year for this? (At the time)

Trailer 2: In Which We Hear From Our Old Friends Luke, Han, and Chewie

The Jedi Theme always makes me tear up a little bit

We’re still on that desert planet – where there’s a CRASHED STAR DESTROYER next to a CRASHED X-WING – awesomeness abounds

Is Darth Vader alive in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?

We get a small glimpse of Vader’s burned helmet, along with Luke’s voice over

A mysterious hooded figure touches R2D2 in the latest trailer

We get a glimpse of R2-D2, and a cloaked person with a robot hand – who, I hope, is Luke

A female-looking hand passes a lightsaber to another female-looking hand. Wait, is one of those Leia’s hand? Has Luke gone missing? Is that Luke’s lightsaber?

Thrilling: X-Wings race past a remote, mountainous backdrop in another brief action shot from JJ Abrams' new film 

X-wings fly again, and fighter pilots have fun

star wars episode vii trailer rey finn bb8

There are lots of cool spaceships, explosions, lightsabers, and sweaty people

star wars episode VII trailer stormtroopers

That’s a lot of stormtroopers, and they look well-maintained. That Empire is looking healthier and healthier, which is not good for the rebellion

Shiny Stormtrooper!

star wars episode vii finn and rey

Rey (Daisy Ridley) holds out her hand to Finn (John Boyega) – that’s the third shot of hands in this trailer

Watch out: The Falcon is seen dodging laser blasts from enemy fighters in another shot from the 88-second teaser 

The Millenium Falcon is still cool.

The Millennium Falcon is even cooler when Han Solo and Chewie show up – and the world cheers. (My Dad let out a, “Yeah!” when he saw that part.)

Trailer 3: In Which We Get A Brief Peak At A Bunch Of Characters, And Then Things ASPLODE!

We get a brief one-line teaser about Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) – the first is no one, the second doesn’t believe in being a stormtrooper anymore, and the third is a crazy bad dude who’s got an obsession with Darth Vader’s helmet.

Rey gets the Boushh Leia treatment in cool desert-scavenger gear, and the robot-soccer-ball is her buddy

Millennium Falcon Trailer 3 and Tie Fighter over Jakku and Star Destroyer:

The Millennium Falcon is still cool – I am so excited for SPACESHIP BATTLES!


Han Solo. Always cool.:

Han Solo. Always cool.

Finn and Rey get to hang out with Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon, but, apparently, no one talks about The Force and the Light and Darkside anymore. Hopefully, that clears up any discussion of midichlorians.

Hyperspace has more lens flare when brought to you by J.J. Abrams.

Lightsabers look cool in the rain.

Finn and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaacs) become friends, including a bro-slap on the shoulder

Finn, Rey, Han Solo, BB8, and robot go to mysterious temple:

Han Solo takes Finn and Rey to some old temple place-thing with a walking robot

The Empire now has shinier Lambda Class shuttles to go with their shinier stormtroopers

There’s that shiny stormtrooper again

Someone dies? Rey cries?:

Someone dies somewhere rainy and Rey is really sad about it.

Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn caught by who?:

Han Solo and Chewie get caught as prisoners, again.

BB8 is an astromech droid – which means he can help fly a spaceship, and win at soccer.

Explosion in space:

Lots of things explode and lasers shoot everywhere (this is essential for a good Star Wars movie)

Han Solo and Princess Leia give each other a hug.

Finn vs Kylo Ren:

We get our first real glimpse of Finn with a blue lightsaber, and he fights Kylo Ren – without his hood and mask on (that looks like hair to me).

Star Wars 7 trailer

This trailer was awesome.

However, there is a significant of look, which is most obvious when looking at the official movie poster. Where is Luke? We know Mark Hamill was in the movie, and had to grow a beard. What is Luke up to? They can’t just have Luke grow his beard and then be killed.


I am excited, though, that there’s a girl at the center.

  • What are your thoughts about the Episode VII Trailer?
  • On a scale of excitement (1 = No! It’s impossible! Jar Jar’s in this movie! I’m going to jump down this bottomless pit over Bespin, to 10=The Millennium Falcon showing up for the first time in the trailers – pretty much Woah!) how excited are you for Episode VII?
  • Who has the most awesome viewing arrangements for watching Episode VII? (I’m still trying to figure mine out – due to the complications of Finals.)
  • What color would your lightsaber be?

If you could bring back one obscure character/object/creature/thing from the original trilogy into the new one, what would it be? (I’d go for IG-88, the assassin droid).

IG88 Unleashed

(Ok. Now back to our regularly scheduled homework).

12 thoughts on “Three Episode VII Trailers To Rule Them All (And In The Darkness Bind All The Star Wars Fans)

  1. I wasn’t excited until I saw all three trailers. Now I gotta to go see it. It has to be better than the recent ones. Hmm, where is Luke? The obvious answer would be the guy in the black mask. Has he gone to the dark side?

    • Kylo Ren – the guy in the black mask – is a completely separate character, but it’s a good theory. J.J. Abrams likes to play with this hand close to his chest, so a lot is possible.
      I like that all three trailers hit a different sweet spot.

  2. I have read no spoilers and I’m spoiler free so these are all my own theories…

    1) Where is Luke? My first thought. He is missing from the poster and this latest trailer so I think he has gone missing and some of the quest is to find him.
    2) What the heck did Darth Vader start that Kylo has to finish?
    3) Did you see the Mandalorian skull on one of the temple’s skulls? Cool. Also a battle droid mashup droid thing which makes me think Abrams has not completely ignored the Prequels.
    4) I think Han is dead. I think that because Harrison Ford took a lot of convincing (and money) to come back so I believe they are writing him off in this one. Plus, he always wanted to die in ROTJ. I think it’s more for practicality because they knew he wants to wipe his hands clean.
    5) Captain Phasma is growing on me.
    6) The voiceover for the majority of it – Lupita/Maz? I couldn’t quite place it.

    • 2. I think Kylo Ren is trying to finish Darth Vader’s goal of being a galactic jerk.
      3. I didn’t see the Mandalorian skull on the temple – I’ll check it out.
      4. Han Solo can never die! Ok, actually, that’s a good theory.
      6. I think the voice over is Lupita as well.

      Whatever happens, the first time watching the film will probably be a fun ride.

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  4. I am sooooo pumped to see that!

    But I can’t help but wonder if that crazy bad dude is Luke. It’s been a loooong time since we last saw him, after all. And in every scene Han looks haunted by his past. I’d be haunted, too, if my pal turned to the Dark Side.

  5. I’m trying my best to avoid any spoilers of trailers from the new Star Wars movie. It’s hard. It’s really hard. But I think whatever the new episode has to offer, it will be more than enough for my avoidance of its trailers!

    I really can’t wait until I see this movie! Love Star Wars!!!

    • I don’t think the trailers really tell us too much (despite writing this post). There’s a lot of speculation, but I’m generally avoiding it. I tried to keep real speculation to a minimum in this post.
      The most important thing is for this movie to be fun and be a respectable follow-up to the original trilogy.

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