Dog Shakespeare: An Introduction

For sooth, it is a great misunderstanding that dogs do not understand Shakespeare. However, if you listen to their barks, their whines, their howls, you will realize their words are as grand as the great Bard himself. In this and following posts, I hope to capture the depth of sorrow, the height of elation, the wagging of joy, which can all occur in a mere moment of a dog’s life.

So, today, I introduce:

Dog Shakespeare

(Otherwise known as Shakespeare-style monologues from the perspective of dogs.)
Luke with his toy in the snow


What is this winter’s day of snow and ice?

‘Tis a bitter cold which bites at my paws,

Which covers the soft grass in once I rolled,

The warm sun now is frozen beyond my reach,

And I must curl on blanket by fire,

Games of balls and Frisbees on hold,

‘Til this bitter frost thaws and play can be harvested.

  • What is your favorite game to play with your dog?
  • If you were a dog, would you rather play in the snow or roll in grass?
  • If you were a dog and attacked by a fire-breathing dragon, what would you do?

Side Note: The real story is I’ve been writing these monologues weekly for the past few months to my brother and sister who are away on missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am in the midst of grad school combined with trying to publish my first novel, and I thought this would be a better way to upkeep my blog in between more in-depth posts.

5 thoughts on “Dog Shakespeare: An Introduction

  1. LOL I love this. It’s hilarious.

    We actually, sadly, just decided to put our dog to sleep on Dec. 6th. Chewie turned out to be a lot older than we thought and is not doing well. But we can’t wait for our next one (though they may not come to us with a Star Wars name)!

    But to reflect,
    1) I like(d) making Chewie sit in one room then going and hiding with a treat in another room. She would look all over for me and be going nuts because she couldn’t find me who was holding a treat.
    2) I would rather play in the grass. Unless I was a Malamute or Husky.
    3) If I were Chewie, I’d just look at it and calmly walk away. That’s the thing with her, she was ALWAYS so calm. Nothing ruffled her. Well fireworks did once but even then, compared to the other dogs, she was calm. Once we were at a minuteman reenactment in town with tons of muskets going off, and all the dogs were crying and trying to get away, and my dog was looking around for food. Haha!

    Good luck with all the stuff you have going on! I feel you, my blog has sat on the side as well as my life has been crazy busy.

      • I thought I responded to this, but looks like I haven’t. Did you wait and write this at just the right time? I really appreciate you responding around the time we put her to sleep! So sweet and really just reiterates why the blogging world is awesome 🙂

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