Interstellar Trailer: Christopher Nolan Takes Us Into Space

Christopher Nolan movie.

After giving us the excellent Batman Begins Trilogy and the already classic sci-fi film Inception, this November Christopher Nolan Here is the trailer for Interstellar – Christopher Nolan’s latest venture into the cinemas

What do we learn from this trailer?

1. Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a father, farmer, and educated engineer living in a a dystopian/post-disaster future where food and resources are scarce

2. Nolan continues his trend of repeating actors with the appearance of Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway (let me know if I missed anyone else.)

3. Michael Caine plays his typical mysterious, intelligent wise guide who keeps secrets from the main character (See: Alfred from the Batman series, Miles in Inception, and more)

4. The Government, or at least important looking men in suits, have given up on Earth and are looking to relocate the human race. (We see about ten people in the trailer. I’m assuming there are more humans still alive.)

5. Cooper is an essential member of the team being sent to scout out interstellar space travel in order to save the human kind, but must leave his children behind. (The kids also appear to be fully formed characters).

The hardest word: Father and daughter must say goodbye

6. Cooper tells his kids he is going to come back, and Murphy’s Law is repeated, but given the definition, “Whatever can happen will happen.” This is apparently meant to be positive. Given how Nolan likes to toy with the audience, this is not what it appears to be.

7. Anne Hathaway is also an astronaut and gets to wear a helmet. Hooray for a lady astronaut! Given her three seconds in the trailer, this is all I know.

News video: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain In

8. Nolan watched 2001: A Space Oddysey, thus weird space-esque things will happen on the spaceship as it ventures across the cosmos.

9. There’s a SPACESHIP!


  1. Not mentioned in the trailer, but mentioned in the blurb on, there’s a wormhole. Maybe Deep Space Nine will be on the other side…

And to Starboard, you will see our local wormhole.

For a Nolan film, this trailer appears to give us a lot of information about the movie. However, I think it is just a surface level introduction. Just as we learned in Inception, what appears truth can easily be an illusion.

I am very excited to see Nolan’s version of Space, especially after last year’s Gravity. It is always great when directors can take modern technology and use it as a tool for story telling instead of a tool to have more explosions.

Optimus Prime wields a sword and rides the Dinobot Grimlock in a poster for 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' (2014)

Robot riding a dinosaur! This and lots of things exploding coming to a theater near you.

Here’s hoping this is more similar to Inception than The Dark Knight Rises (I enjoyed the latter, but it is not as good of a film). Now on to spending the next six months coming up with conspiracies of what the film is actually about.

Are you excited for this next Nolan film? What do you think we will find in the Worm Hole? Do you want to ride a dinosaur while wielding a sword?

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17 thoughts on “Interstellar Trailer: Christopher Nolan Takes Us Into Space

  1. Oh I hadn’t heard of this, I hope it comes out in Hong Kong! It should do but sometimes films just completely miss us out here which sucks.

    I love Nolan, Inception was such a great film, I spent hours afterwards thinking about it.

    I had a dream of a T-Rex recently, maybe it’s a sign that I should see the new Transformers…. 😉

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