3.14 Great Things About Pi Day

The year’s cycle has completed, and it’s time once again to celebrate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to diameter.

In other words…

Happy Pi Day!

Given this mathematical celebration, here are 3.14 reasons Pi Day is awesome.

1) It’s the best day to share a math joke.

2) If you get lost and go in circles, you can just say, “I was just celebrating Pi Day!”

Didn’t we pass that same mountain five minutes ago?

3) It’s a great excuse to eat more pie.

“But, Bertha, I already had 17 slices!”
If only our stomachs were as infinite as the number itself.

.14159265358979323846) Just as a circle is infinite, so is the potential for partying on Pi Day!

Once again, Happy Pi Day everyone! Now, it’s time to look forward to our next Geekly Holiday: May 4th.

What are you doing to celebrate Pi Day? What pie best represents Pi Day? What is your favorite math symbol?

Here’s more info on Pi Day from CNN.com

10 thoughts on “3.14 Great Things About Pi Day

  1. I didn’t know about Pi Day! I will have to celebrate it one day late (shhh, don’t tell anyone!!). Happy belated Pi Day, hope it was a good one 🙂

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