Introducing Summer Movie Bingo 2013

As we approach Memorial Day and the heating up of the Summer Movie Season (though, Ironman 3 has already churned up a few hundred million dollars), it’s time to introduce the First Annual Summer Movie Bingo Game Extravaganza Thing…

Or, we’ll just call it:

Summer Movie Bingo 2013

Woah! This is amazing?  How can I play?

1. Print out your Bingo Card

2. Go to see movies in the theater during the summer.

3. Cross off Bingo squares after watching the movies.

4. If you complete a line of Bingo, post an image of your Bingo Card on your blog with a link to this post.

[If you don’t have a blog, e-mail the image to, or post it on Facebook and tag me (Laura Palmer)]

Winners will receive 5,000 Coolness Factor Points and their choice of:

A. A shameless plug on the L. Palmer Chronicles of their book, blog, or other creative project.

B. A guest post on the L. Palmer Chronicles

C. A celebrity-style interview via e-mail regarding their current projects or passions (to be posted on the L. Palmer Chronicles)

D. If they know me in person, A Super-Epic, Slow-Motion Ninja Hi-Five!

E. Any other reasonable suggestions or requests per review

This is totally awesome!  I’m going to go watch movies now!

But wait, there’s more!

On Friday, August 30, A Super-Epic Grand Prize Winner will be selected at random from all Winners!

They will receive an e-gift card for $15 for Fandango, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles.

What!  This is amazing!

Go out there, feast upon popcorn, and watch (hopefully) awesome movies!

Besides, what else are we in the US supposed to do on a Saturday night while Doctor Who is off the air?

Check out the Summer Movie Bingo 2013 page for updates and more info

What movies are you looking forward to?  What movies would be elevated by Samuel L. Jackson or Morgan Freeman showing up?  Which theater has the best popcorn?


*For your assistance, the Summer Movie Bingo 2013 Glossary*

 Wilhelm Scream – A common, cheesy sound effect broadly used in blockbuster movies

ROBOTS! –Some are friendly.  Some are crazy and will attempt to destroy you.

Low-Quality Kids Movie With Already Dated Pop-Culture References – See the various recent Chipmunk movies, Escape From Planet Earth, and far too many more.

Post-Credits Teaser / Post-Credits Teaser Featuring Samuel L. Jackson – A fun marketing ploy within major franchises, teasing the next film in the series.

ALIENS! – Creatures from other planets.  Some are friendly. Some are crazy and will attempt to destroy you.

A woman has more than 2 minutes of kick-bootiness – This is in line with the Bechdel test.

Set in Space! (at least part)  – Space is factually known to make anything cooler.

Slo-Mo In Fight Sequences – What’s cooler than a hard-core fight scene?  A hard-core fight scene with a slo-mo moment and a whooshing sound.

High Quality Kids Movie That Adults Can Actually Enjoy – Thank you Pixar, and, sometimes, Dreamworks for making these movies actually exist.  Despicable Me 2, I’m counting on you.

Vehicle / Car Chase (Preferrably with shiny Cars) – A common trope of summer movies.  A certain franchise will have a lot of this.

EXPLOSIONS!!! – Kaboom

British bad guy – Bad guys are often better with a British accent.

Earnest Hero – Sometimes heroes are earnest and true, even if they have…

Angst-Filled Backstory – Sometimes heroes are sad due to a dark backstory.

Quirky “Indie” (Sleeper hit) – Often, during the summer, one movie surpasses expectations, and people take a break from explosions to see a story about everyday people.

GODZILLA! – A monster who sometimes takes a break from destroying Japan and crosses the ocean to destroy the US.

Non-Sequel / Franchise Film – and passes $150 Million Mark – Sometimes these are the Quirky Indie film, often these feature MeryStreep in a wig.

SPACESHIPS! – are as cool as bow ties

Worth attending a midnight showing – Midnight showings consist of endless fans coming together, dressing up, and having the pleasure of seeing a movie together.

Mechanical Robot Armor – Sometimes these are used to turn Billionaires into superheros, other times they are used against giant screen-filling villains.

Passes Bechdel Test – 1.

  • It has to have at least two women in it, 2

who talk to each other, 3.

  • about something besides a man

Screen-Filling Monster / Villain –  Too scary to describe.

City sustains at least $100 million worth of damage – See end of Avengers.

Sources (otherwise known as other fun Summer Movie Bingo Cards):

Your Official Monkey See Superhero-Movie Bingo Card


5 thoughts on “Introducing Summer Movie Bingo 2013

  1. Ha, this is awesome. I’m just letting you know ahead of time that I will be contacting you later this summer for my cool points.

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