This Here Post Be Commandeered By Pirates!

L. Palmer be out capturing unicorns with a butterfly net, so we’ve come to commandeer this here bloggy thing.  Run up the ramparts because internet piracy be rampant.  Arr!

Turns out the artist of the nautical banner image on this here site is the Natalie Palmer (L. Palmer’s more fashionable sister).

Natalie Palmer: The Carmen SanDiego of the Old West.

Natalie Palmer: The Carmen SanDiego of the Old West.

In place of dubloons, she’s negotiated for shameless promotion of her designs on  Shiver me timbers!  This one’s a good one.

Pixel Chain

Pixel Chain by Natalie Palmer (Bleachrocks)

For all ye scurvy Internet types who’ve yet to head on over to, here’s a bit of how it works:

1. Designers submit designs

2. Lots of landlubbers and other folks vote on those there designs

3. Designs with enough points get printed on clothing

4. Lots of landlubbers and other folks buy those there designs on clothing

5. Designers get gift cards, dubloons, and fame across all the Internet seas

So, first, Natalie needs enough votes to get her design a’sailing.

If you want to see more of this lass’s work, head on over to the header on Hope For Heather.  It’s a bit flowery for our taste, and no wide ocean to look at, but still brings a tear to me eye.

Another Pirate Shenanigan:

Dog Bike Thief

We use fluffy dogs to distract the townsfolk so we can steal their bicycles!


It seems I left my Internet browser open while I was rounding up my herd of unicorns.

Every vote for Natalie’s design is greatly appreciated and proves you have good taste.  (Well, you already have shown good taste by visiting this blog.)  I traded driving lessons and promotion of any designs selected on for the header image.

Thanks to anyone who votes.  If Natalie’s design is picked, and sells enough, the money’s going towards her fund for serving a church mission.  She’s going to make one fashionable missionary.

Also, how do you take care of pirate infestations on your blog?

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