Review: Wondering Sight by Melissa McShane

Wondering Sight is a fun read full of intrigue and magic in England’s post-Napoleonic war period. I loved the world of the book, where balls and social expectations of the era mix with magic as part of the class order. Our heroine, Sophia Westlake, is marked as a seer by her red gloves. These gloves both elevate her status and mark her apart from the rest of the room.

She is a woman with a firm will, determined to clear the lies around her name spread by a long-time and elusive enemy. As she seeks to end his games, she discovers he is using her seeing powers against her, leading others to further discredit her name. I always enjoy a heroine who will not back down, even while risking her life, and Sophia does not disappoint.

The romance in the book was good, but I could have used a few more conversations building up the relationship between our mysterious love interest and Sophia before the end.

Overall, a great, well-crafted book for fans of Mary Robinette Kowal, Patricia C. Wrede, and any other light, romantic fantasy storytellers.

Note: I received this book directly from the author when we connected online and realized we write in similar worlds. I also had a chance to meet Melissa McShane briefly at a writing conference in February and enjoyed our brief conversation. I highly recommend checking out more from her.

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