You Must Learn Patience (And Merry Christmas)

Episode VII is the Christmas present many of us have been waiting to unwrap, the one we have been shaking, hoping its LEGOs and not a new sweater (though, it’s not too hard to tell the difference between the two).

LEGO LOOSE Torso Green Sweater Over Button Down Blue Shirt

Although, it could always be a LEGO sweater…

I have been waiting, anticipating, excited.

Then, at the beginning of this semester I realized a dark truth:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Episode VII opened in theaters the last day of finals.

There was a great disturbance in the Force, for I knew that I would either be deep in the midst of finals, or driving home from Utah to California, and attendance to a midnight showing would be unwise (also, it was about 30 degrees – not as cold as other places, but, to this girl from Southern California, that’s really cold. Though, it would make watching Empire Strikes Back while waiting outside a 4D experience).


How to have a 4D Hoth Experience: 1. Live somewhere where it snows. 2. Go outside. 3. Watch Empire Strikes Back

And so, I have waited, just as the child waits beside the Christmas tree, bouncing and ready to pounce on the wonders hidden in wrapping paper. What is inside is unknown and wondrous. And, do we seek to conspire with our siblings who happened to be with Mom when she was buying presents, and learn the secrets of what’s inside? Do we sneak into the forbidden closet where the presents are hidden before they are shrouded in the mist of ribbons and wrapping paper?

Or, do we constrain ourselves and have patience, letting the anticipation build until the moment of scheduled revelation comes and we can immerse ourselves in unwrapping the gift?

Yet, we must be wary. One year, my mom asked my brother where my dad and oldest sister were, and he answered, “They’re out picking up your rocking chair… I wasn’t supposed to say that.”

Each day that passes between the release of Star Wars Episode VII and the opportunity to watch it is a minefield of such moments, with spoilers leaping from unknown corners to overtake me. However, I have remained vigilent and restrained myself, and wait.

That is, until tonight, when, at last, I can gather with friends and family, and we enter the dark room and settle into cozy seats to see the fate of a beloved series. So far, signs are good.

Even if the movie is not all I hope it to be, I know traveling to that galaxy far, far away will be a fun journey. This is the movie we never thought would happen. This is the movie we pray is better than the prequels. This is the movie which will forever change Star Wars’ destiny.

Note 1: And also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone (the video below is well worth beginning and last 40 seconds – you can skip most of the middle).

Note 2: I’ve also had to practice patience this past two weeks as my awesome beta readers have been sending me feedback on The Lady and the Frog (Book 2 of the Pippington Tales). However, I  forced myself not to look until after I was done with finals.

This is like making a batch of chocolate chip cookies, giving most to your friends, and then having to eat a whole plate of broccoli while your friends tell you how good the co/okies are, before you can partake yourself.

Side Note: I think this is also a great analogy to how many of us feel as we prepare for Episode VII.

Side Note 2: The Washington Post posted this remarkable cross-over between Ken Burns’ Civil War and Star Wars – Hence, we give you, The Galactic Civil War:


18 thoughts on “You Must Learn Patience (And Merry Christmas)

  1. Yay so glad you’re finally getting to see it! I mean, it’s only 4 days after the release date so not *that* long…

    Head over to my blog when you’ve seen it and join the discussion! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts and others.

    • I’ll try to write something soon, but might not post it for another week or two – I’ve got Christmas, and then a trip to San Francisco. These real world things complicate things.

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