I’m Dreaming Of A Nerdtastic Saturday

As I sat down to consider my weekend plans, I realized Saturday I could catch up on all of the sci-fi movies that have come out recently by having have a Nerdtastically Amazing Movie Marathon!


I give this plan 3 and 1/4 Darth Vaders

All at one Multiplex and shopping center, I could accomplish this itinerary:

10:30 AM – 12:30 – Watch Ender’s Game – $10

12:30 – 1:30 – Lunch at nearby restaurant, walk around to get blood flow into legs, find somewhere to work on novel on tablet. – $10

1:40 – 2:15 – Gravity in 3D – $15

2:15 – 2:30 – Potty break – FREE!

2:30 – 5 – Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Not in 3D – $10

5 – 7:30 – Get dinner, take a nap, and then join the line for the special showing of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and gather with my fellow nerds. – $10

7:30 – 9 – Day of the Doctor in 3D – $15

9 – 10:30 – Get a snack, take another quick nap, or a walk. – FREE!

10:30 – 12:30 – Thor 2 : The Dark World (not in 3D) – $10

12:45 – Arrive bleary eyed at home, crash on my bed and have sweet dreams of spaceships, Daleks, lasers, being lost in space, and running for my life.

Potential Awesome Level: 500 Bajillion

Potential For Exhaustion: 800 Bajillion

All for the low cost of $80.

  • Which is the same price as turning in one of my grad school applications
  • Or buying two tickets and a parking pass to see One Republic and Sara Bareilles at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles – which I did in September for my sister’s birthday/Christmas present, and it was awesome. (Other people chipped in too).
  • Or buying two moderately priced video games.
  • Or how much I spend on breakfast and lunch for an entire month. I don’t need to eat, do I?
  • And this is the moment in which I wonder why I am more willing to spend $10 on a movie that lasts 2-3 hours than $10 on a book that will last me 2-3 days.

Or I could wait a few weeks or months for these movies to inevitably arrive at the second-run theater in town and instead pay a total of $19 for movie tickets, and make my own meals at home for a cost of $5.

So, here is what I will do instead:

– Work on my novel. Not too far to go to complete NaNoWriMo.

– Help prep the house for the epic event known as Thanksgiving

– Potentially, grocery shopping.Especially since my mom was sick yesterday.

* Though I currently live with my parents, I have not seen or talked to her since 7 :30 AM yesterday. (She’s not missing. I just got home last night after she went to bed, and left today before she was up.) I haven’t had an update yet. She might see this blog post before we see each other again.

*I got home late last night because I went to see Andrew Bird in concert with my brother. This concert was my birthday/Christmas present for my brother, and it was great.

*If you’re not already familiar with Andrew Bird, and you like quirky, singer-songwriter, indie music, then you need to out his music.

*Also, the crowd cheered as loudly for the NPR station sponsoring the event as they did Andrew Bird himself.

– Watch The Day of the Doctor through alternate means. What is this thing called cable?

– Try to catch up on my queue on Hulu. I am currently behind several episodes on

  • Parks and Recreation (currently, my favorite sitcom)
  • Agents of Shield (not quite working yet, but has potential)
  • Once Upon A Time (I have glimmers of hope, and then a character does something incredibly inconsistent)
  • Sleepy Hollow (so far, a 21st century cousin of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – which is a very good thing)
  • and Legend of Korra (Awesome. Just plain awesome).

– Oh, and get outside. It looks like Saturday’s going to have nice weather.


  • What are your weekend plans?
  • What is the most Nerdtastic weekend you have had?
  • If you’ve seen any of the movies listed, do you think they are worth full price or waiting?
  • Do you think a movie or a book is more worth $10? – Maybe this should be an entire blog post…

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a mini-sode prequel to The Day of the Doctor:

11 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming Of A Nerdtastic Saturday

  1. Oh bummer, I thought you were going to do the first plan. Not that the second plan is not also awesome – but the first one just blew my mind.

    I’m going to a local sci-fi convention this weekend! Not big on comics, but has actors/actresses from sci-fi movies. It can be hit or miss. Hit if the actors talk about their experiences making the movies, the directors, the film, etc. Miss if they just sit down and say, “Okay, ask me some questions.” So we’ll see. In attendance: Jeremy Bulloch (original Boba Fett), Femi Taylor (Oola – one of my favorite characters yay!), Ray Park (Darth Maul) and Tom Felton (alternate universe of Harry Potter where he plays Draco Malfoy). Lots of other people too, but those are the ones I’m seeing.

    So potential for awesome weekend is big. But we’ll see how the panels play out…

    • It could be an epic day, but reality and responsibilities beckon. Also, between applying for grad school and prepping for holidays, my budget is especially tight at the moment. I would rather see the movies over time, and be able to enjoy and absorb each one. I tend to reserve marathons to things I’ve already seen, or TV series I just discovered on Netflix.
      Your convention sounds spectacular. I hope you have a great time. Interacting with so many fellow fans sounds like a great way to spend your weekend.

  2. I reviewed Plan A and your Bajillion calculations are accurate. Wow! But there’s no wrong plan as long includes something you love (and ideally does NOT include contacting Missing Persons) ps- I feel the same way about Agents of Shield.

  3. Hunger Games was awesome! That was Friday night. Spent some of Saturday and Sunday on American Horror Story The Coven marathon. Also pretty awesome. Thor 3D, next weekend. Happy T-Day!!! 🙂

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