May The 4th Be With You, Always

Here’s to two more years until the next Star Wars movie, and the nerdiest day of the year!

Dear J.J. Abrams, please make Episode VII right.

And, even though May 4 is a Monday, do release Star Wars Episode VII on that day.  It will make one of the easiest marketing campaigns ever even simpler.

Here’s a potential ad campaign for the next movie:

Star Wars: Episode VII

You know you are going to see it.

Thank you for your bajillion dollars.



I’m sure Disney will spend a lot of money marketing for something that has already been marketed.  All we need is a release date, and then word of mouth will announce it across the entire world.  It will be like a million voices cried out at once, but hopefully not in terror.

As for this year’s May the 4th, look for local Star Wars events and parties in your area.  Here’s a list of places celebrating Free Comic Book Day.

If nothing else, any excuse is a good excuse to dive into the Star Wars Universe.

Happy Star Wars day, and…

May the 4th be with you, always.

Miss Piggy, you remind me so much of Yoda…

8 thoughts on “May The 4th Be With You, Always

  1. Did you end up doing Free Comic Book Day this year? I felt it wasn’t as cool this year. I could just be acting like a negative nancy though.

  2. That Gonzo/Darth Vader nose gag is a masterpiece.

    And Disney owns both properties! Muppet cameos in Episode VII! Fozzie rules the Ewoks! (“Ewokka-wokka!”)

    And Disney has Marvel, too! Throw in Iron Man as a revenge-minded relative of Boba Fett! Hell, this thing writes itself!

  3. I have faith in JJ. I have been a fan of his since Cloverfield, which I am anxiously awaiting the sequel. If it is anything like his other films, the new Star Wars will be great.

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