The Adventure Begins!

Welcome to the L. Palmer Chronicles!

If you’ve traveled here from my previous blog,  Good. Wholesome. Fun., welcome, and I’m glad you made the perilous journey.

You’re in for adventure, excitement, and the nerdtastic.  Join me in my quest to become a paid and published author, navigate life’s winding roads, and understand the bizarre and fascinating isles of ‘Popular Culture’ (popular is a much more fun word if you pronounce the last syllable with a pirate’s Arrgh!).  While seriousness may creep in once and a while, I’ll do my best to make it an intriguing, fun, and often silly journey.

For those completely new, and are wondering who this L. Palmer person is:

1. Read my About page.

2. Check out the following posts from Good. Wholesome. Fun.  These are all good samples of what’s to come.

When Life Gives You Starburst, Make A Dinosaur

1500 Miles, One Scoop of Ice Cream

Doctor Who The Starter Kit

I hope you’ll stick around for the adventures that await.

What do you think?  Are you ready for so much excitement?

And, a shout out to my sister Natalie who designed the Amazing Banner at the top.

7 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins!

    • I allow her to practice driving in my car. I’m sure you could negotiate with her. She attempted to make this picture as ridiculous as I am.
      If you want something more professional and really shiny, you could try bartering with Katherine.

        • You would just replace the header file (aka T.C.’s picture). The theme I’m using is free. Buying the domain name means 1. I can move this to a different hosting site if I want, and 2. The URL is cleaner and easier for people to remember. To be honest, it’s mostly for marketing purposes.

  1. I’m ready!

    It’s neat to be here at the beginning of something cool. Years down the road, I will be able to look down my nose at the newcomers and say, “I was here from the very first post.” In my imagination, I also have a sweet British accent when I’m saying this.

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