The Pippington Tales

Welcome to Pippington

Pippington is a town somewhere between Downton Abbey and Storybrooke of Once Upon A Time. It is a place where the magical is possible, but hardly sensible, and is really better left ignored. However, it is difficult to ignore magic when pumpkins start turning to carriages in one’s backyard, one’s brother appears to now be a frog, or completed shoes start appearing on the shop counter after only being imagined the night before.

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The True Bride and the Shoemaker

TrueBrideFrontCoverThere is magic in the streets of Pippington, but most people are too busy to notice.

Shoemaker Peter Talbot needs a little magic. Cheap, factory made, shoes are putting him out of business, his nagging sisters will never let him rest, and his efforts to find true love are constantly thwarted by worldly fickleness. However, the gift of a wild primrose and a shipment of rare griffin skin are about to change everything…When beautiful handmade shoes begin appearing in his shop every morning, Peter is determined to find the source. What he finds instead will be far more exciting and wondrous than he could ever imagine.

The True Bride and the Shoemaker is the first of The Pippington Tales, introducing a city full of magic and everyday fairy tales for those willing to see them.

Available now in e-book and print.


The Lady and the Frog

ballet schoes on the dark hall floor

Welcome to Pippington, where motorcars bump down old city lanes, frogs transform into men, and mermaids just might be real.

Evelyn Havish is through waiting for Henry Kingston to look up from his ledgers and propose. But, when Henry’s brother Jack is transformed into a frog and trapped in a well, Evelyn must join the rescue. Armed with her training as a lady and a solid punch, Evelyn must outwit a scheming heiress, wrestle an octopus, and kiss far more frogs than a girl should be expected to. As she dives deeper into a hidden world of magic, she discovers Jack may not be the one who needs saving.

The Lady and the Frog is the second book in the Pippington Tales.

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2 thoughts on “The Pippington Tales

  1. i bought this book after hearing your mother talk about it at a networking meeting. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and look forward to your next one.

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