How You Too Can Save The United States of America

Like the Rebel Alliance watching the Death Star approach Yavin, we are watching the current election cycle with fear and a sliver of hope, that hope growing smaller with each second.

However, if we have learned anything from The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, and many other epic stories, we can bring together a team of good people with diverse beliefs and work toward the greater good.

The real superheros of the United States are the common citizens of America. We are a resilient group, working toward opportunity even in the face of hardship. The majority of us are good, reasonable people seeking to make the world a better place.

The current election process has been waylaid by fear, divisiveness, and hate-mongering. We cannot stand back and let the drum of inevitability beat and drive us back in fear.

We cannot be bystanders watching a train-wreck in slow motion, horrified and helpless.

We cannot rush the borders of Canada in an attempt to escape.

This is our country, and we are not helpless.


We have the right to vote.

This is our super power and strength.

As of writing this, in the Republican Primary, there remain 28 states and 1,585 delegates out of 2,472 delegates. In other words, there remains 55% of states and 65% of delegates.

Prior primary seasons have felt inevitable at this point, but this is because the general public was ambivalent about each party’s leading candidate. Individuals may not have liked the candidates, but could tolerate them as a leader.

However, we have reached a point where the general public cannot tolerate the leading Republican Candidate (it’s a strange day when John Oliver and Mitt Romney agree on politics). Those who support him are welcome to – this is a country with free speech and voting rights.

Others have already said and written enough on why we cannot have this candidate as president and how dishonest, hateful, and without integrity this candidate is. If you’re reading this and agreeing with me, I don’t need to tell you anything more.

Instead, I hope to enable you to make your voice and the voices of other reasonable people be heard.

Here’s How You Can Help Save America

While we cannot shoot fireballs or stop bullets, we can change the course of this election.

First, for those of you who are less politically involved, the primary season is where individual parties vote for their candidates for political office who will run in the general election in November. These consist of primaries and caucuses. A primary is similar to typical voting, where individuals go to voting sites and fill out ballots. A caucus requires going to a central location and participating in a discussion followed by a vote (this varies from state to state).

The primary process is important because it determines who we have to choose from in November’s election. One of those two will be president, and it will be better to have two tolerable candidates than one candidate tolerable to most of the US and one who is hated by most of the US.

  1. If you are in a state which has already had a primary or caucus, donate to a candidate you can tolerate. Call your friends or family in other states and urge them to vote. You can also see if you can volunteer to make phone calls for the campaign.

  2. If you are religious, pray, fast, or whatever your type of faith requires. We must hope and we must trust the greater good in prevailing.

  3. If you are in a state with an upcoming primary or caucus:

  • Make sure you are registered to vote
  • If you are in a state with an open primary (click here for a list of states with an open primary), vote within the Republican block of candidates (if you are passionate about another candidate in another party, then vote for that person, because that is part of your right as a citizen.)
  • Make sure you know where and when to vote in your primary or caucus.
    • If there’s still time to register, you can change your party registration for the Republican party. You can always go back to your party of choice after this primary. Unless you are planning to run for office for a particular party, your actual party affiliation matters very little except for in the primaries.

In normal circumstances, I would urge you to choose the party who represents your beliefs best. These are not normal circumstances.

  • Knock on your neighbor’s door, talk to your friends, your acquaintances, your coworkers, and ask them to make sure to vote. Let them know when the next election day is, if there is still time to register, help them register. You don’t need to get into a political debate. You just have to ask them to make sure to vote. Most people are reasonable people, and we need to persuade the reasonable people to come out and try to make a difference.
  1. Use your social media for good. If you agree with this post, please share it. If you have found a better article, please share it. Please, be tolerant of other people’s beliefs while you share these things, but ask people to stand up and vote.

You will be opening yourself up for political conversation, but now is not the time to be quiet. Now is the time to stand up and call upon the rest of the reasonable people of the United States to have hope and stand together.

The end goal is about the general election and who will be elected to represent us as a nation. We cannot be so angry with the establishment that a person who spouts words of hate and disrespect is elected as president.

Instead, we need to use the super powers of our voices as American Citizens. We need to vote. We need to open dialogues with our neighbors. We need to be clear in who we are as a country and what we will accept as someone to represent us.

If Captain America can believe that The Winter Soldier can be saved, if Luke Skywalker can believe that Darth Vader can be saved, then we must believe our country can be saved.

If Sam Gamgee can carry Frodo to the fires of Mt. Doom to save the world, if Harry Potter can come back from the dead to defeat Voldemort, then we can stand together and help turn the tide.

We must have hope. We must fight for our future as a nation. We must be the league of heroes who saves this country.

Side Note: If I had to choose from the Republican Candidates, I would choose John Kasich. I don’t agree with everything he stands for, but I believe he would be able to maintain the integrity of this country. My second choice is Marco Rubio. Once again, I do not agree for everything they stand for, but if I have to choose between one of them and Cruz or Trump, I think we’re better off with Kasich or Rubio.

8 thoughts on “How You Too Can Save The United States of America

  1. Bravo for writing on politics…I refuse, but have come close in the past few weeks because there are so many great Star Wars references I could make with the current Republican front runner.

    I, unfortunately, learned the hard way that I was not registered to vote in my primaries last week when I went to two different towns and found out that when I renewed my license, I also changed my address, and apparently there was a box I had to check off saying I wanted to register to vote. I assumed because I was already registered to vote, I didn’t need to check that off. (Actually, I have no idea if that’s what I thought but when I talked about this with one of the poll people, this can be the only explanation I can think of, I really don’t remember)

    So alas, I was not able to vote, but I have since turned in my new form and should be ready for the presidential elections! Agh, talk about disappointing and frustrating.

    • That voting registration process seems a weird complication.
      Honestly, I have some weird complications with my voting registration due to being a student – that’s another story for another day. I’m trying to figure it out quickly.
      I thought a lot before writing this post. After conversations with a few friends who were unsure of the primary process, I decided to go ahead – but I’ve also tried to lean toward a more neutral area. That being said, I think my opinion of certain candidates is pretty clear.

  2. Amen to this. I can’t remember the last time I have been so horrified by a presidential candidate (one that shall remain nameless, ’cause, well, if we don’t talk about him, maybe he’ll go away).

    I respect your Republican choice, by the way. Kasich seems like the only adult in the room and is certainly the only GOP candidate who understands that the evil “C Word” (compromise) is the fundamental component of any democracy.

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